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Insurance Request For Hyip Programs

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Hello dear followers, welcome to our page where we provide information about the insurance fund. In short, let me give some information for those who do not know what the insurance fund is for.

What is Hyip Project Insurance? : It is the money allocated by blog to cover all or part of the losses of the investors who lost in the event that the Hyip projects stop paying.

In order to benefit from an insurance fund, certain conditions must be met. I will try to inform you about these terms without confusion and simply.

what is insurance

In order to claim INSURANCE from our blog, you must pay attention to the following rules:

+ Make sure to use our referral link when participating in the project before claiming insurance.

+ In the COMMENTS section of the project's article on our blog, you must support the project, that is, comment. (you can share proofs of payment, ref back payments)

+ You must make withdrawals from the paroje you joined every day. If you do not make withdrawals every day, we will have to REJECT your Insurance claim.

+ If the project you will participate in has both a "daily plan" and an "after plan", please invest in the daily plan. Otherwise, you will not receive insurance compensation. If there is only an "after plan" in the project you intend to invest in, then you should choose the shortest plan.


+ Please note that only deposits made after the insurance offer has been published are covered by insurance.


Which payment method do we use?