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Insurance Request 

  • Make sure to use our referral link when participating in the project before claiming insurance.

  • We make insurance payments only to EPAYCORE and TRON (TRX) account. It is not important for us which currency you use (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, perfect money etc..) while investing in the project. Regardless of which currency you used while investing, you must request insurance from us to your EPAYCORE or TRON (TRX) account number.

  • WE DO NOT MAKE INSURANCE PAYMENTS TO Hyip monitors, blogs and other site owners promoting projects and people who collect references.

  • Those who try to cheat for insurance claims and those who engage in fraudulent activities will be blacklisted and removed from our blog for life.

  • Applications for insurance fund must be made within 48 hours after the relevant project status is changed to SCAM. Insurance claims made after 48 hours will not be considered.

  • After the insurance claims are collected, our team will make the necessary investigations within 72 hours and you will receive your payments within a maximum of 7 days. (This period is usually completed in a much shorter time.)

  • Please disable two factor authentication (2FA) before claiming compensation or your claim will be suspended!

If you want to claim RCB from our blog. You can find the details on the RCB REQUEST FORM page.

Best Regards..

Insurance Request

Your insurance claim has been received.

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