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Common mistakes of beginners in HYIP projects or therules of the game

Table of сontents:


• Risks

• Loans

• Investing the last funds

• Unverified exchangers

Project Selection

• Rush and delay

• Ignoring reviews

• Trusting an incompetent opinion

In the project

• Belief in the truth of the legend and the eternal work of the platform

• Wrong choice of tariff

• Storing profit on the company's balance sheet

• Reinvest

• Refusal to diversify

• Lack of control


Good day, dear readers!

As you know, HYIP projects are high-risk investments, a game, but not for children. There are a huge number of platforms for earning money for every taste: with different profitability, deadlines, payment systems. As in childhood – you come to the store with games and choose the one you like. But, not knowing the rules of the new game, there is a chance to lose. The task is to introduce you to these rules in order to increase your chances of winning.

Hyip program risks


Risks and loans

Perhaps the first thing not to forget is the risks. The rule - "Invest as much as you can afford to lose" - you need to learn and not forget all the time while you are in the "game". Not observing it, newcomers make a serious mistake - they begin to borrow money from friends, banks, sell property. It is important here at first to create principles for yourself that you will not violate under any circumstances. Such a scheme will protect you from impulsive decisions and large losses.

Investing the last funds

You should not invest your last funds in the hope that the project will help you to multiply them. Again, no one guarantees that the payment will be made successfully and the project will not close earlier.

Using unverified exchangers

It is not so important which payment system you work with, it is much more important where you change your funds. In order not to stumble upon fraudulent currency exchange sites and not lose your money, use only proven resources. You can find information about them on thematic forums and blogs.

Now you are familiar with the general rules that you need to know to work successfully in the industry. Let's move on to the next section, which will tell you how to choose the right project.

Project Selection

Haste and delay

The first thing with which investment activity in HYIP begins is, of course, the choice of the project and already here it is possible to designate an error - haste and delay.

In such a case as the search for a project, it is necessary to observe the golden mean: you should not rush and invest in the first company you come across without studying it, but also, choosing the one you like, waiting for months is also not an option. It is necessary to observe the site for several days: whether there are any delays in payments, whether its work is stable and only then it will be decided.

Ignoring reviews

If you liked the project - do not be lazy, read all kinds of reviews on it on blogs and forums. It is not recommended to invest in a company that has no reviews, because nothing is known about its real activities. Also, you should not trust only good reviews about the project, because it can easily be a deception.

Trusting an incompetent opinion

"The project is promoted = safe" or "The project has just started = safe" - forget such and similar phrases. Each site is individual and no one knows when it will cease its activities.

So, the stage of choosing a project has passed and now that you have finally decided, it's time to talk about mistakes related specifically to the company.

In the project

Belief in the truth of the legend

Very often, novice investors are inspired by what the company is doing - the legend of the project - and make a big mistake. It should not be taken for truth that the platform implements its activities, for example, through trading in forex markets, investing in cryptocurrency or sports betting. Statements about how a company receives money, as a rule, have nothing to do with reality. Also, do not believe in the eternal work of the platform, which is often promised by the administration.

Hyip risks

Wrong choice of tariff

Of course, the desire to make a lot of money from minimal investments is absolutely understandable, but this can have negative consequences. So, choosing a long-term tariff (for example, for 50 days) and requiring large investments (let's say $ 3000), you risk not just being left without profit, but also losing your funds, since there is no guarantee that the project will not cease its activities before your time comes to take money at the tariff. That is why it is profitable to invest in short-term tariffs, where the amount of investments is also minimal.

Storing profit on the company's balance sheet

The resulting profit is often stored by the participants on the company's account and this is also a mistake. It is not necessary to save money on the balance of the platform, since no one knows when the platform will suspend its activities. It is necessary to withdraw the funds received immediately, otherwise you will also lose everything.


In order to increase their profits, some project participants often reinvest, that is, invest the resulting profit. You should not get carried away with such a scheme, it is better to take your investments and invest again only a part of the percent.

Refusal to diversify

Don't invest all your money in one company! A good scheme is the distribution of the total amount over several projects. Investing 100% of your funds in one company, you will lose everything if it stops its activities. And if your money is on the account of several projects, then if one of them is closed, you will lose only part, not all.

Lack of control

Being "in the game" keep in touch with the company! Read reviews and forums daily. And, if there is no connection with the project administration, immediately withdraw money from the platform balance and do not invest more. Control the process!


Perhaps the most important thing in the HYIP industry is to remember that you should not blindly trust information from project sites, statistics provided by administrators, people who actively invite you to join the company, saying that this is easy earnings. Yes, it's really easy money, but are you ready to risk your funds? That is why it is necessary to treat such sites exactly as a game: follow all the rules listed above.

And remember: to get out on time means to win!

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