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Financial Results of Our Blog 

Hello, dear visitor, as a project owner or as an investor, you may be wondering about the financial results of our blog.
This page has been prepared so that the project owners who are considering joining our blog can get an idea of ​​what result they can get if they join us and the number of people who can come to their projects through our blog.
In the same time on this page, our followers and investors can get an idea about the statistics of our blog. Our blog, which can reach a very large audience, keeps your project constantly updated by making detailed studies for each project participating in our site.
Remember that in get efficiency and to get the most out of your project, we must work together and you have to good quality of your project.. We would like you to know that as we make great efforts to promote the projects in the best way possible. We do not force any of our users to invest in projects and this is at the investor's own initiative.

Some of the projects in the table below are investment programs that have been on our blog before, and some of them are still on our blog.
This table includes: project names, the total contribution of the users who invested using our referral link to the project, the total referral income we receive from the investments made by our followers, screenshot evidence of the financial contribution made to these projects through our site and the duration of their stay on our blog.

Dear project owners, some of the projects that have participated in our blog before are listed below in order to inform the project owners who want to join our blog. You can follow the amount of investments made by our followers in projects. (CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE)

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