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Bestbtcsites RCB Details

  1. We offer 50% RCB for first level referrals. ( This offer 50% of the reference rate offered by the investment site.) For example, you have invested $ 100 in an investment site and its reference rate is 5%. In this case, we will earn 5% of the 100 USD investment you made, that is, 5 USD referral return. We refund 50% of the 5 USD we have earned to you, it is 2.50 USD

  2.  You should make sure that the email address you sent us for the referral refund is the same as the email address on the site where you invested.

  3.  Refund reimbursements are valid only for initial investments. We do not offer refunds for re- investing from your account and for the 2nd and more investment.

  4. You must request RCB within 24 hours after investing. RCB requests exceeding 24 hours will not be accepted.

  5. RCB payments will be paid to you within 48 hours after you make request. However, if the      investment site does not pay us the referral income, we will not pay you RCB.

  6.  Due to the very high commissions, we do not reimburse for crypto coins such as BTC - ETH - LTC. If you invested in crypto coins like BTC - LTC - ETH, we can transfer your refund to you by perfect money or payeer.

  7. Note that you must register with the reference link of our site when registering on the investment site to request RCB.

  8. To take advantage of RCB, you must invest at least 10 USD.

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Welcome to the site bestbtcsites.com. Our blog, which reviews HYIP sites and prepares articles about these projects, has been actively in the hyip market since 2015.

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