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The terms of a competent HYIP investor

Good day, dear readers of the blog!

In any industry, there are local terms that the participants use. And the HYIP industry is no exception! So that you can feel free in this area, understand without problems what is being said on forums, blogs and, of course, understand projects, we have prepared for you an article-a list that contains the most common and necessary terms of the HYIP universe!

Hyip program risks

Admin – the project administrator and its owner. The administration can consist of either one person or several.

Upline – the person who invited you to the project.

Account – an account on the project that contains information about you (deposits, accruals, etc.).

Auto payment - payments in which you do not need to order them in your personal account on the project website, since the accrual occurs automatically to the specified wallet.

Batch - an individual transaction number in the payment system.

Ban - restriction of access to the account (personal account) for violation of the project rules.

Compounding – revesting of the received interest. It happens automatically. It can be complete or partial.

Crypt - a cryptocurrency.

Daily forever - is an investment offer a tariff plan with daily accrual of profit.

Denial of Service - suspension of activity due to a hacker attack on the project's website.

Deposit – your contribution to the project.

DDoS-attack - is an attack by intruders with the aim of disrupting the work of the project.

Diversification – distribution of funds across several projects in order to minimize risks. Good diversification means more chances to make a profit.

Earning only on mon-fri - is a type of profit accrual that involves payments on working days (from Monday to Friday). You won't be able to make a profit on the weekend.

Hyip risks

Exchanger - is a currency exchange website.

Fast - is a type of HYIP project. It is characterized by high profit (from 61% per month) and greater risk.

Goldcoders - is a script for HYIP projects, exchangers, monitors.

History – in a certain project - information about deposit operations and payments.

HYIP – (High Yield Investment Program)

Instant - is a type of payment in which the accrual of profit occurs instantly after the order is placed in the investor's personal account.

Inside – certain information from the project administrator, which may contain details of the site: its plans.

Latest payouts – information about the latest payments provided by the project administration.

Listing – paid placement of the project on a thematic resource. The administration of the HYPE pays for a place to indicate its status.

Login - is the ID of the user (account) in the project. Your "name".

Legend – information about what the company does (for example, cryptocurrency trading or Forex trading, diamond mining). Often it has nothing to do with reality.

Marketing – investment offers offered by the company.

Monitoring - is a website where you can track the status of a particular company. Monitoring checks and analyzes HYIPs, providing project participants with information about payments.

Mult – multi account. One investor has several accounts in one project. Forbidden! Blocked by the administration!

Paid Poster - advertising of the company on forums, blogs, by posting information about the payments of the project.

Partisan - is a project that does not advertise its activities at first, extending the working time. But later the administration decorates it nicely and advertises it to attract potential investors.

Pending - payment status. The term occurs in projects where the payment is made manually.

Perfect Money (PM) - is a common payment system.

Ponzi scheme - is the principle of operation of HYIP projects, which consists in the fact that the accrual of profits is made at the expense of the contributions of other participants.

Pool - is a joint investment of several participants. It occurs in projects where the amount of the minimum investment is high.

Principal - the body of the deposit without interest.

Profit – the profit received from the project.

RCB - refund of referral commission.

Referral or affiliate program – a program that allows you to get a percentage of the contribution of the listed participant. It happens in several levels. (For example, 5%-3%-1%)

Referral link - a link to invite partners to the project.

Refback - return of part of the profit to partners.

Refund - is almost like insurance. Payment of the deposit, when the activity of the project is stopped. Monitors pay out.

Reinvest - investing the received profit.

Restart – restarting the site. The work of the project after its closure, according to the new rules and conditions.

ROI - breaking even. The time when your deposit is fully paid off.

Scam - termination of the project, termination of payments. A scam can happen for any reason. Usually, work does not resume after the shutdown, and, unfortunately, the invested funds will not be returned.

Script - is an action program for automatic task execution.

Share – the required minimum of investments in the pool.

SSL - is a cryptographic protocol that implies more secure communication. The designation is "lock" in the address bar. It can be red (free) and green (paid). Also, there is a kind of "Green Bar", which is an expensive protection.

Transaction code - additional protection when withdrawing profits from the project, password.

Withdrawal – an order for the payment of profit.

The above terms will help you get used to the HYIP industry and become a really competent investor. We wish you good luck in studying and success in the field!

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