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HYIP : What is HYIP?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022


Hyip sites are that takes profits by evaluating the money of investors, in different areas, share this profit with the investors at the rates promised. site life lasts for a long or short period according to the number of investments and users.

Hyip site owners often use their funds on major trade sites. They try to double the money by trading on these sites. Hyip site owners who are experts in this field can earn a high amount of return from their trading business and thus ensure the longevity of their sites.

However, not all hyip site owners follow the same method. Some webmasters use the money they receive from investors to pay the profits of those who invested before. Such sites will soon become bankrupt. In short, you need to be careful while participating in an online investment program.


To this systems, should not be invested by bank loans or borrowing money. It is unclear how far the system will go. Those who want to invest in Hyip sites should invest in the amount they will not worry about their financial situation and not worry when they lose. These types of sites are an additional source of income and should never be seen as the main business, it should not be forgotten that such systems can be monetized or lost in huge amounts, so your investments should not affect your financial situation. It will be your benefit if you do not make a second investment without taking back the investment you made in the same site. If you think to invest a hyip site, the first thing you need to do is the site start date and payment evidence. Care must be taken to invest in sites with proof of payment. Investing in sites older than 6 months is not advisable, and such sites can soon be shut down soon. Investors who are willing to invest in large quantities,should invest in a different sites, rather than investing in a single site to reduce risks. There are several methods to understand the reliability of a site:

a ) E-mail the to site owners for information purposes and check whether they respond. b ) Learn about the site you think you should invest in from Hyip monitors. c ) Check the site Alexa rank and Page Rank value. d ) Try to get information from the forms. e ) The most reasonable investment in hyip sites is sites that payout between 1% and 3% per day. The sites that pay between 1% and 3% per day been more long life.


Payment methods used in Hyip sites are usually is online money (bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, perfect money, payeer, advcash etc.). Among these payment methods, the favorite currency is bitcoin. Hyip sites make payments instantly, automatically and manually. Instant payments, 5-10 minutes from the time you give your withdrawal instructions, they send to your wallet. Automatic payments are sent when you arrive at a certain point, such as 0.001 btc or 0.005 btc. The withdrawal limit for automatic payments is determined by from the site you are investing in. Manual payments are made by the site you are investing in, paying your wallet for periods ranging from 1 to 48 hours. This process may vary from 1 to 5 days on some sites. The deposits to Hyip sites happen instantly and your money starts working immediately. REMEMBER, you definitely should not invest in sites with ads like 200% after 100 hours, 300% after 1 day, 30% hourly for 5 hours, 1000% after 10 days. When you invest in such sites you can never profit.

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