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📢HYIP Project News (22/10/2020)

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Hi dear followers, we have prepared a newsletter in the last few weeks where we will gather important news that has been developing on the hyip blog. On this page, we will provide information about newly added projects and payment status to our blog.

There will also be a newsletter on hyip sites that includes information about fraudulent projects and updates on current mutual funds.


New projects is the latest investment program we have added to our blog. It makes the multi-casino payments manually, which we add between the 250 USD investment and the VIP LIST projects. This new hyip site with a minimum investment limit of 15 USD has investment plans in two different categories that make daily payments and pay hourly. Mult-casino promises its investors between 2% and 12% profit return per day, 0.25% to 0.30% per hour, depending on the conditions of the investment package they purchase., another of our site's new investment programs, is smartbits. We placed this project, which has hourly and end-of-term payment plans, among the VIP LIST projects 3 days ago by investing 250 USD. This project, which offers an hourly profit income between 0.08% and 13.5% depending on the investment amount, also promises a return of up to 2750% with its end-of-term investment plans., another new investment project we have added to our blog. This project, which we added to the PREMIUM LIST investment programs on our block by investing 250 USD 4 days ago, promises to pay 2.5% per day for 22 days with a single investment plan.

This project, which you can participate with a minimum investment of 20 USD, instantly fulfills the transactions of the users who order money. promises its investors to pay 4.25% - 5.65% and 7.85% profit return every hour this new investment program, which we added to our hyip blog 5 days ago.

The site continues to make instant payments. We recommend that you frequently visit the page we have prepared specially for the payment proofs and up-to-date payment status of this project, which we have added to our blog by investing 125 USD.


Reinvestments is a hyip that is in the PREMIUM LIST of our blog and continues to make stable payments. We contributed 75 USD to this project which we added to our list 71 days ago.

Thanks to the reinvestment option of the site, we renewed our investment for the 5th time with our main money. And we keep earning 2.16% daily profit every day. Bitactivity makes instant payments and accepts 50 close payment methods to invest., this project, which we reviewed 150 days ago and prepared an article about it, continues to serve investors with 4 investment plans. The site is located in DIAMOND LIST.

We participated in this project 150 days ago with an investment of 100 USD and thanks to the reinvestment option offered by the site, we renew our investment every 11 days. We have invested 10 times in the Postul-trade site and will continue to renew our investment as long as the site continues to pay. is another online investment program that offers a reinvestment option. This project, which we added to our hyip blog 30 days ago, offers the opportunity to reinvest. We have completed the first period of this project in which we participated with an investment of 250 USD. With an investment of 250 USD, we achieved a total net profit of 45 USD at the end of 15 days.

We reinvested our main balance on the site thanks to the reinvestment option offered by the site. As long as the site continues to pay, we will continue to repeat our investment. Also, a note that will be useful for investors. If you use the reinvest option, the site gives you extra reward.

For example: We invested 250 USD again and the site gave us a bonus and increased our investment to 251.75 USD.


Last Scam Projects is the last investment project to join scam sites on our blog. This project, which was among the VIP LIST projects of our site for 300 days, has now stopped paying. hyip site to our blog 129 days ago and during this period, we earned 4 USD per day from this project. However, the site stopped paying as of 22/10/2020. Please do not invest in this project anymore. was one of the investment programs that quickly entered the hyip market, but its life was not very long. This project, which remained in the hyip market for 31 days, paid 4% per day to its investors during this period. The site no longer pays., 12 days in the hyip market, this scam hyip site offered a total of 10 investment options and paid between 10% and 20% to their investors when they paid. But site does not pay anymore. Do not invest in this project, even if you see payment about the site anywhere., promising to pay between 10% and 20% daily profit for life, this project stayed on our hyip blog for 19 days and does not pay anymore. Do not invest in any way., this project, which was on our blog for 31 days, promised a lifetime profit of between 4% and 7% per day. The site no longer pays, so don't invest in this dead project even if you see it as a payment on other sites., this hyip site was a site that promised daily profit returns of up to 15%. This site, which works for about 1 week, does not pay anymore.


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