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  • Writer's Review (SCAM): 10% to 30% daily for forever.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

NeoBit online investment site review. Dear followers, this online investment program offer 6 investment packages to its investors. In our article, you can find the details of the investment plans of the NeoBit online investment project, the profit returns of the hyip investment project and the payment terms in the continuation of our article.


About NeoBit Online Project

Project owners' note : ''Nowadays cryptocurrency is one of the main payment instruments, which can be used online. NeoBit has been using this kind of digital payment for quite a while to gain and raise profit.

NeoBit, is an officially registered company which gives its clients all required guarantees, including confidentiality of data provided by clients at the registration procedure. Apart from this we guarantee accrual of requested payments in due time and full amount. The company's system, including support service, works 24 hours, which means you are always welcome to contact our experts in case you have any questions.

NeoBit, provides its clients with an opportunity to invest money into mining farms located all around the world to obtain quite a big income later, which can be done even without client's direct participation. The company actively uses trading bots on digital currency stock-markets, which is very convenient and profitable. We also try to attract new partners and share our experience with the like-minded people all over the world.''

Category : The NeoBit investment program is listed in the VIP LIST category, which includes the projects expected to be the most stable in our hyip blog.

Offical site : The official website of this online investment program is

You can use our referral link to become a member of this site and you can earn extra income through our blog by requesting RBC (recommendation commission back). In this way, we will contribute to the rate of profit you will get from this project.

Date added to the blog : After making the necessary investigations about the NeoBit hyip project, we decided to add this project to our website and started listing it on our blog as of 25/03/2022. The launch of the project was made on 25/03/2022.

Investment Plans : There are 6 investment plans available on the Invmeta online investment site. The plans paying daily. We have summarized the details of the investment plans and the minimum investment limits and maximum investment limits of these investment plans for you below.

Total 6 Plans :

Payment offer : 10% - 30% daily

Investment period : Forever

Deposit accruals : Daily

Contribution : 25 usd - 100000 usd

Deposit : Deposit is included in the payment

Montly profitability : 300% - 900% (305% - 900% with our bonus)

Accepted currencies : The currencies you can use to invest in the project are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin

Minimum Deposit : The minimum investment limit required to earn income by participating in the project is 25 usd.

Minimum Withdrawal : The minimum withdrawal process differs according to the currency usd when investing. Withdrawal limits are PM - 5$, BITCOIN - 20$, BITCOIN CASH - 10$, ETHEREUM - 20$, LITECOIN - 5$, DASH - 5$, USDT TRON TRC20 - 5$, USDT BINANCE BEP-20 -5$, TRON -5$, RIPPLE -5$, DOGE -5$ , BNB -5$. Payments are made Instant by the site.

Investment Details :