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How to Make Money from Telegram?

What is Telegram?

Developed by Russian programmer Pavel Durov, the application is a free messaging and chat application. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store and is very easy to use. It is possible to talk with the people in your phone book via Telegram, both by establishing a group and by messaging easily with the private chat tab, by video or voice.

Make money by telegram

How to Make Money on Telegram?

Telegram has recently become one of the best online ways to make money. It is possible to come across users who make a lot of money using only Telegram channel.

Telegram, which is one of the top 3 applications that comes to mind when it comes to instant messaging, is used more and more with the increase of privacy concerns. The Russian-based application continues to attract new users by making serious commitments to privacy.

According to the latest data, 700,000 new users join Telegram every month, making it one of the fastest growing instant messaging apps worldwide.

People around the world create communities (channels and groups) on Telegram and earn big online.

So, is it possible to make money on Telegram? The answer to this question is of course yes. You can earn income on Telegram with the methods listed below.

1. Advertising

If you own a Telegram channel, you can advertise on your channel. Where you find the person to advertise to you is directly related to the number of subscribers in your Telegram group. All you need to do for this method is to increase your subscriber count. When you have a high subscriber count, you will not need to do anything, the person or company that wants to advertise will contact you. In order to increase your subscriber count in Telegram, writing original articles and trying to gather subscribers by sharing your link in other groups are two of the best methods. There is a serious traffic flow from Telegram, and it is possible to find many advertisers advertising for Telegram. Even a channel with 10 thousand subscribers can earn 2-3 thousand USD monthly advertising income.

2. Creating a Premium Partition

Especially in Telegram channels that contribute significantly, subscription fees can be charged from users. Basically, this process reaches in 2 parts. Usually a Premium content is available from the dedicated channel, where extra content is available for subscription paying users.

For example, if you provide great investment ideas: you can create a premium section for additional ideas. In addition to making a profit from the paid subscription in premium sections, you can also generate additional income from admins who want to promote their project in your Group.

3. Receiving Donations

It is a recommended method for Telegram channels with content creators. This method can save more money than many other methods. If people care about your channel and you, they will be willing to donate. You can regularize the subscription through a Patreon-style platform.

4. Sell Channels

If you have enough members in your Telegram channel, you can easily sell it to someone else. It is possible to earn money by selling your channel to your potential customer by setting a good price. You can then grow new channel by re-creating it and then sell your channel again. Income from a channel can range from $50 to $10000. The only factor that can make your channel price high is your subscriber count. The higher your subscriber count, the higher your selling price will be.

5. Selling Third Party Products and Services

With this method, you can sell third-party products and services to your subscribers. For example, by logging into the Dropshipping business, you can take action to sell products owned by others. Of course, it will be more profitable for you to sell a product of your own. Selling the products of third parties is recommended if you are unable to develop a product or service of your own that can sell.

6. Link Shortening

You can monetize your Telegram channel through link shortening sites. Subscribe to one of the Short Link Monetization Sites and share interesting links on your Telegram channel after shortening them through these sites. We recommend that you do not underestimate this method. You can earn good money by shortening the links of the sites that belong to the topics that you think your members will like.

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How To Enlarge The Telegram Channel?

The first step to start making money from Telegram is to increase the number of followers. The high number of followers indicates the quality of your channel. So what methods should you follow to grow your Telegram channel?

1. Share with your friends

If you have created a new channel, the first thing to do after this process is to ensure that everyone you know subscribes to your channel. As the number of members in your channel increases, your effort to develop the channel will also increase.

2. Deliver Quality Content

It is very important to provide quality content in Telegram. Thanks to the quality of the content you offer, the demand for your channel will increase.

3. Share on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Promoting your channel on other social media platforms can bring you great benefits. You can ask your friends and family to promote your channel on their social media accounts. There is no doubt that this method will help increase the number of subscribers of your channel.

4. Cross-promote

You can cross-promote by contacting other channel owners. While you are promoting the other party's channel, it will be of great benefit to you that the other party promotes your channel. This method is more difficult than others. Because you may need to have a large number of members in order to cross-promote. If your number of members is not a little high, the counter side may not be willing to do this.

5. Paid advertising

At first, you can buy paid promotions for your channel with small budgets. We recommend that you start this method with small budgets.

telegram advertising

Yes dear followers; as technology develops, the number of environments that will provide extra income is increasing. The important thing here is to decide carefully what you want and how to proceed. Before starting a business, you should determine your strategy and draw your roadmap accordingly. You will need patience and time to develop your business. This is true not only for the business model we mentioned above, but for all business models that will generate income for you. If you do not think well and determine a good strategy before starting a business, you can get tired and bored and leave the job unfinished. This will cause a waste of time and frustration for you.

Finally, thank you for reading our article to the end. We hope you found this article useful. If you like this article, you can support us by leaving a heart on the heart icon in the lower right corner.

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