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BNB Vault for passive income on Binance

What is BNB?

BNB is a crypto currency owned by Binance company. It runs on the Binance ecosystem and is the native token for the binance chain and the binance smart chain.

BNB has multiple use cases. For example, we can use it to pay for Network transactions on the binance chain in the binance exchange internal system. It is used as a service token that allows users to get discounts when paying transaction fees, it can also be used as offline payment in some areas.

forever passive income

Advantages of Holding BNB

Binance company offers a lot of passive income opportunities on its site regarding BNB tokens.

The reason they do this is to try to get people to hold as many BNB coins as possible. Thus, the value of Binance coin will tend to constantly rise.

The company has carried out this policy very well and has increased the price of the BNB coin up to 250 usd as of today (20/12/2022).

Binance offers its customers who hold BNB very good opportunities to earn passive income without taking any risk. In this article, we will examine the BNB Vault, one of the passive income sources offered by Binance.


What is BNB Vault?

BNB safe is a capital guaranteed investment product with an easy-to-use interface. By integrating various Finance products and the binance ecosystem, it can help users maximize the revenue potential of your BNB in just one step, for both centralized and decentralized finance.

It also allows BNB holders to maximize their returns and reap all the benefits from every available opportunity with one click on the BNB vault.

BNB vault not only pays profits to its investors on a daily basis, but also distributes new coins to the market. In short, BNB vault is a passive income tool with multiple income advantages.


How Can I Join BNB Vault?

To participate in the BNB vault, you must first be a registered user.

Joining the Binance vault is pretty simple. The numbers indicated in the screenshot below show the path you need to follow in order. You can find the explanations of the numbers in the continuation of the article. By following these steps, you can start earning passive income for the BNBs you have.


You can make the image full page by clicking on the screenshots.

Binance crypto world

1) Go to the EARN tab from the menu on the main page.

2) Click on the BNB VAULT option from the tab that opens and you will access the page where you can lock your bnbs.

binance vault

3) Press the STAKE button on the page that opens, and then a pop-up will open where you can enter the amount you want to stake.

4) You must enter the amount you want to stake in the specified field on the pop up.

5) You must accept the terms of the contract.

6) Finally, by pressing the CONFRIM button, you complete your investment.

7) After your investment, you can monitor the details of the returns you have obtained from the "Distribution History" tab.

You can follow the BNB returns and rewards from Lanchpool on your BNB VAULT page, approximately 1 day after your investment. Profit returns are automatically transferred to SPOT CUZDAN. You do not need to do anything to transfer your earnings to SPOT WALLET.


How Do I Leave BNB Vault?

BNB vault is a flexible investment type. You can transfer the investment you have made to your SPOT WALLET at any time by unlocking. You can do this in 2 ways.

You can see how to cancel in the screenshot below.

earn passive income

8) To transfer your principal from the bnb vault to the spot wallet, we press the UNSTAKE button and start to follow the steps in the pop-up that opens.

9) Type the amount of bnb you want to withdraw into the box. If you want to withdraw your entire balance, you can press the MAX button.

10) Fast redemption: If you choose this method, your money will be transferred to SPOT WALLET instantly. With this method, you cannot receive your earnings from the day of cancellation, as your profit does not expire on the last day.

11) Standard redemption: If you use this method while making your cancellation, your principal will be transferred to SPOT WALLET after your cancellation has completed the period of the profit return for that day. With this method, it will take a maximum of 24 hours for your money to be credited to your account.

12) After choosing any of the above actions, you must tick the box indicating that you accept the terms and conditions.

13) Finally, you can complete your cancellation by clicking the CONFIRM button.

profitable incomes by binance

As a result; New cryptocurrencies, which are frequently displayed on Binance's Token Launch Platform, are distributed as rewards to those who have deposits in the BNB vault. If you have BNBs that you plan to hold for a long time, you will have the opportunity to have both BNB income and newly released tokens for free by using this passive income method. Waiting for your money in the BNB vault instead of being empty gives you additional income without any risk. The biggest advantage of this method is that there is no mandatory waiting period when adding your money to the safe. You can deposit and withdraw your coins whenever you want.

If you haven't registered with binance yet, you can register using the link below. Users who register with our referral link pay less commission fees for trading and similar transactions on Binance.

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