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  • Writer's Review (SCAM) : Paying Hyip 0.06% - 3.5% Hourly Forever

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

(SCAM) New hourly and end of term payout hyip site technite review. 0.06% - 3.5% hourly and 110% - 2550% end of term profit incomes. Is paying or scam? Start with 1$ minimum deposit. Let's give information of the new hyip.


Add Time : 16/05/2020

Our Investment : 200 USD

Minimum Deposit : 1 USD

Minimum Withdrawal : PerfectMoney – 0.01 USD, Payeer – 0.02 USD, Bitcoin – 0.0003

Payouts : Instant

Referral : 7%

RCB Offer : 3.5% of your first deposit

Investment Plans : 0.06% - 3.5% Hourly Forever / 10.3% - 14% Hourly For 10 Hours / 110% - 170% After 1 Day / 575% After 3 Days / 1150% After 6 Days / 2550% After 9 Days

Accept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer -Ethereum - Litecoin - Bitcoin Cash - Dash - Dogecoin



The Technite hyip site expresses itself as: ''Once more of a niche experiment, cryptocurrencies have recently been thrust into the spotlight as the demand is driving up prices and many of them are growing at an astonishing pace. The next chapter in this story appears to be the recent launch of bitcoin, which provides new ways for individuals and financial institutions to get involved by speculating the future direction of bitcoin prices. We offer contracts on an hourly or daily basis to our investors. Futures contracts are an agreement to buy or sell an asset on a specific date in the future at a specific price. Futures are commonly used to speculate on the direction of prices. Speculators can either take a long position, where they agree to buy the underlying asset at a specific price when the contract expires, or a short position, where they agree to sell the underlying asset at a specific price.

With Bitcoin now having been in existence since 2009 and become a sizeable instrument by market cap comparable to some of the largest listed companies on the U.S equity markets, it comes as a little surprise that we have moved ahead on offering investors with the option of Bitcoin futures contracts.

The gains have come off the back of Bitcoin futures seeing an uptick in value above Bitcoin’s actual value. With the general theory being that the smarter institutional money is going into the Bitcoin futures market, investors in Bitcoin will be looking towards the futures market as a guide to the future direction of Bitcoin, based on information available in the marketplace.''

Technite Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the new project. The site has 6 investment plans and each plan has between 1 and 5 investment options. The site has a total of 16 investment options. 5 out of 16 investment options have forever paying investmet plan and 4 investment plan paying hourly for 10 hours 7 other investment plans have fixed-term investment plans. After an investment, your profit will be added to your account hourly and end of term. It is possible to make up to 2550% profit according to the investment plan selected in the period end investment packages.

For this hyip investment minimum investment limit required for the initial investment plan of the site is 1 USD. Investors can have up to 3.5% profit per hour and up to 2550% end of term, depending on the amount of investment made.

  • 0.06% - 3.50% Hourly Forever : Minimum deposit 1 usd, maximum deposit 5.000 usd.

Plan 1 : 0.06% Hourly Forever. Minimum deposit 1 usd, maximum deposit 499 usd.

Plan 2 : 0.09% Hourly Forever. Minimum deposit 500 usd, maximum deposit 999 usd.

Plan 3 : 1.50% Hourly Forever. Minimum deposit 1.000 usd, maximum deposit 1.999 usd.

Plan 4 : 2.50% Hourly Forever. Minimum deposit 2.000 usd, maximum deposit 2.999 usd.

Plan 5 : 3.50% Hourly Forever. Minimum deposit 2.999 usd, maximum deposit 5.000 usd.

  • 10.3% - 14% Hourly For 10 Hours :Minimum deposit 500 usd, maximum deposit 5.000 usd.