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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Hello dear followers, we have been serving as since 2015. During this time, we have prepared and continue to prepare articles about many online investment projects.

We advertise in many areas (such as google ads and other hyip monitors) to promote our site. However, due to the intensity of our work, we cannot spare enough time for areas such as social media and investment forums.

We thought a little about this issue and decided to allocate some of our advertising expenses to our followers and to offer an extra income opportunity for you.

We ask our followers who think they can represent us in the best way in social media areas and popular investment forums to contact us and report their opinions.

As this new project that we are in the beginning stage develops, we will allocate more funds to this field and the rate of profitability will increase with each passing day.

Let us briefly state our expectations from our followers who want to cooperate with us.


1.) If you own a youtube channel and have a large number of subscribers,

2.) If you are active on Popular Investment forums and believe that we will benefit us in this area,

3.) If you believe that you can promote us in areas such as Facebook (groups with a high number of members), Twitter, Youtube and Instagram,

4.) If you have a Telegram channel with a high number of followers,

5.) If you have a suggestion other than the above areas,

You can contact us.


Yes, our dear followers, we are looking for friends who can contribute to us in the areas we mentioned above and who can reach our blog to more people. Before we make any payment to the people we decide to work with, we want you to know that we need a 2 or 3 day trial period to see your contribution to our site.

For this reason, we want our followers, who will really contribute to our blog, to contact us. We would like you to know that we are open for any other offer, other than the areas mentioned above.

For your ideas and offers on the subject:

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