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  • Writer's Review (SCAM) : New Hourly Paying Hyip Site

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

(SCAM) Hourlyminer new hourly payment hyip site review. This is an online investment project that pays hourly profits. This project, which has 4 investment plans, has 4 investment options in total. Is paying or scam? You are on a page where you can find detailed information about the payment status of this hyip investment site. The minimum investment limit required to join the site is 5 USD. Let's give detailed information about this new hyip project.


Add Time : 14/08/2020

Our Investment : 75 USD

Minimum Deposit : 5 USD

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.50 USD - For Cryptocurrency 3.50 USD

Payouts : Instant

Referral : Up To 15%

RCB Offer : -

Investment Plans : 1.18% Hourly For 90 Hours / 0.50% Hourly For 288 Hours / 2.50% Hourly For 48 Hours / 6% Hourly For 24 Hours

Accept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer -Ethereum - Litecoin - Bitcoin Cash - Dogecoin



The Hourlyminer hyip site expresses itself as: ''As the popularity and price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increases, more and more miners want to mine cryptocurrency. The more people mine cryptocurrency, the more difficult it is to get it and the higher is the cost of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining.

As a result, those miners who have a lower electricity cost win, since they have more advantages. Usually, those miners where electricity is cheaper get a large profit. The use of renewable energy sources makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of mining and mine more cryptocurrency to have more profit.''

Hourlyminer Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the new project. The site has 4 investment plans. All these plans payout hourly. Depending on the amount of investment you will make, you can have profit returns from these plans hourly periods.

For Hourlyminer hyip site minimum investment limit required for the initial investment plan of the site is 5 USD. Investors can have 1.18% - 6% hourly profit, depending on the amount of investment made.

PLAN 1 : For 1.18% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 5 usd, maximum deposit limit 300 usd

PLAN 2 : For 0.50% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 301 usd, maximum deposit limit 2.000 usd

PLAN 3 : For 2.50% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 2001 usd, maximum deposit limit 5000 usd

PLAN 4 : For 6% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 5001 usd, maximum deposit limit 100.000 usd

Hourlyminer Investment Details

Investors who want to participate in this investment program can use perfect money, payeer,litecoin,ethereum,bitcoin cash ,dogecoin and bitcoin payment methods. The minimum investment limit required to participate in the project is 5 USD. The minimum withdrawal limit required to place a withdrawal order on the project is 0.50 USD For cryptocurrency minimum withdrawal limit is 3.50 USD. The withdrawal instructions you give are paid instant by the site. You do not pay any hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Referral Program

If you want to earn extra income other than your investment, you can get extra profit by promoting the site on youtube, facebook and hyip forums thanks to the promotion program offered by the site. You can earn up to 15% extra profit by using the referral program of the project. You do not have to have an active investment to get extra profit.

RCB Offer : -


We, as, have invested 75 usd in this project and have been watching the hourlyminer hyip project. You can see the details of the amount of investment we made on the below.