Hour-bet.club Review : Hourly Hyip Up To 19% Hourly

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Is hour-bet.club paying or scam? hourly payout hyip site hour-bet review. 1.12% - 19% hourly profit incomes. Start with 10$ minimum deposit. Let's give information of the new hyip.


Add Time : 27/04/2020

Our Investment : 75 USD

Minimum Deposit : 10 USD

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.10 USD - For Cryptomoney 5 USD

Payouts : Instant

Referral : Up To 10%

RCB Offer : -

Investment Plans : 1.12% - 1.25% Hourly For 92 Hours - 4% - 9% Hourly For 48 Hours - 10% - 19% Hourly For 24 Hours

Accept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer -Ethereum - Litecoin - Dogecoin

Link : Homepage


The hour-bet hyip site expresses itself as: ''Hour-Bet Limited is a long-term, stable and profitable betting company. At present, we have many profitable areas, such as sports betting, baccarat, Roulette, Slot Machine, and other market activity investments. The profits from these investments can be used to enhance our plan and improve its long-term stability. Our experienced team of highly-skilled traders, based on endless talents and rich experience, adopt unique skills and strategies, which can make your funds grow under their skilled and prudent management.''

Hour-bet Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the hour-bet.club new project. The site has 3 investment plans and for each these plan has 2 investment section. All these plans payout hourly. Depending on the amount of investment you will make, you can have profit returns from these plans hourly periods.

For Hour-bet investment minimum investment limit required for the initial investment plan of the site is 10 USD. Investors can have 1.12% - 19% hourly profit, depending on the amount of investment made.

  • 1.12% - 1.25% Hourly For 92 Hours : Minimum deposit 10 usd, maximum deposit 3.000 usd

PLAN 1 : For 1.12% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 10 usd, maximum deposit limit 999 usd

PLAN 2 : For 1.25% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 1.000 usd, maximum deposit limit 3000 usd

  • 4% - 9% Hourly For 48 Hours : Minimum deposit 480 usd, maximum deposit 10.000 usd

PLAN 1 : For 4% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 480 usd, maximum deposit limit 2.999 usd

PLAN 2 : For 9% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 3.000 usd, maximum deposit limit 10.000 usd

  • 10% - 19% Hourly For 24 Hours : Minimum deposit 2.020 usd, maximum deposit 100.000 usd

PLAN 1 : For 10% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 2.020 usd, maximum deposit limit 9.999 usd

PLAN 2 : For 19% hourly profit minimum deposit limit 10.000 usd, max. deposit limit 100.000 usd

Hour-bet Investment Details

Investors who want to participate in this investment program can use perfect money, payeer,litecoin,ethereum,dogecoin and bitcoin payment methods. The minimum investment limit required to participate in the project is 10 USD. The minimum withdrawal limit required to place a withdrawal order on the project is 0.10 USD for perfect money and payeer. For cryptomoney minimum withdrawal limit is 5 USD. The withdrawal instructions you give are paid instant by the site. You do not pay any hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Referral Program

If you want to earn extra income other than your investment, you can get extra profit by promoting the site on youtube, facebook and hyip forums thanks to the promotion program offered by the site. You can earn up to 10% extra profit by using the referral program of the project. You do not have to have an active investment to get extra profit.

RCB Offer : -


We, as bestbtcsites.com, have invested 75 usd in this project and have been watching the hour-bet hyip project. You can see the details of the amount of investment we made on the below.


DEPOSIT DETAILS : Sent Payment: 75.00 USD to account U22796777 from U12149400. Batch: 312257466. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to hour-bet.club User bestbtcsites.


Our Opinion About Hyip

As a result, hour-bet hyip site has profitable investment plans. We, as bestbtcsites.com, have added this project to the GOLD LIST section of our hyip monitor. Is hour-bet.club paying or scam? we recommend that you visit our hyip monitor frequently to monitor the current status of the site. You can check hyip status all time on this page. To learn more about this hyip, visit the about page of the site. You can share your thoughts about the site in the COMMENTS section below or share the evidence of your withdrawals.

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