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SCAM - Review: 12% Daily for 12 days (100% RCB).

Updated: Jan 23

SCAM - Dear followers, We started to follow the hyip project as the hyip review blog and invested 125 usd. You can see the detailed review of this project and the details of the investment amount we have made below.,comments,payouts,hyip site review,hyip

​​Project Name : FenixStart


Our Investment : 125 USD

Category on Blog : PREMIUM LIST

​​Start Time : 06/08/2023

Add Time : 09/12/2023

Minimum Deposit : 50 USD

​​Payouts : Instant

Referral : 0.1%

RCB Offer : 100%

Minimum Withdrawal : $0.1 For EpayCore | $10 For other coins

​​​Accept : Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether ERC20, Tron, Tether TRC20, BNB, ePayCore. Review

Project owners' note : ''FENIXSTART LTD stands as a trailblazing force in the crypto industry, heralding a new era of digital wealth generation. Renowned for its cutting-edge crypto farm, the company leverages state-of-the-art technology to mine and manage various cryptocurrencies.

FENIXSTART's commitment to innovation and sustainability sets it apart, employing energy-efficient solutions to minimize environmental impact. With a stellar track record of reliability and security, FENIXSTART LTD continues to shape the landscape of the crypto market, providing clients with a secure and lucrative platform for participating in the dynamic world of digital assets. As a leader in the field, FENIXSTART remains at the forefront of crypto farming excellence.''


Investment Plans : There are 2 investment plans available on the Fenixstart online investment site. All these plans paying end of term. We have summarized the details of the investment plans and the minimum investment limits and maximum investment limits of these investment plans for you below.

Daily Plan :

Payment offer : 12% daily

Investment period : 12 days

Deposit accruals : Daily

Contribution : 50 usd - 50000 usd

Deposit : Deposit Include

Total profitability : 144% with principal (144.1% with our bonus)

RCB Offer : 100%

After Plan :

Payment offer : 15000%

Investment period : 185 days

Deposit accruals : End of term

Contribution : 50 usd - 50000 usd

Deposit : Deposit Include

Total profitability : 15000% with principal (15000.1% with our bonus)

RCB Offer : 100%,comments,payouts,hyip site review,hyip

Investment Details :