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  • Writer's Review (SCAM): 1.5% to 5% hourly for 72 hours. 200% to 500% after 3 days.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Cryptofactor online investment site review. Dear followers, this online investment program offer 9 investment packages to its investors. In our article, you can find the details of the investment plans of the Cryptofactor online investment project, the profit returns of the hyip investment project and the payment terms in the continuation of our article.


About CryptoFactor Online Project

Project owners' note : ''CRYPTO FACTOR LTD was established in 2022 and is legally registered in the UK under the number 13975058 in the public register of companies here. We have been trading cryptocurrencies for a long time and are constantly improving our skills. CRYPTO FACTOR LTD brings together specialists of different profiles, but together they make up a first-class team interacting with each other where everyone does their job and does what they do best.

To an inexperienced market participant trying to make sense of the intricate interweaving of economics, stock markets, politics and other masses of information and news noise, it may seem that the market is going through difficult times. However, CRYPTO FACTOR LTD experts will tell you with full confidence that this is not the case. And you can make money in the market at any time, no matter what trend prevails - bullish or bearish.

The problem of newly minted traders is precisely in their inexperience, and not in the mood in the market and stock exchanges. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, and 2022 presents new opportunities. CRYPTO FACTOR LTD sees them and intends to use them.''

Category : The Cryptofactor investment program is listed in the VIP LIST category, which includes the projects expected to be the most stable in our hyip blog.

Offical site : The official website of this online investment program is

You can use our referral link to become a member of this site and you can earn extra income through our blog by requesting RBC (recommendation commission back). In this way, we will contribute to the rate of profit you will get from this project.

Date added to the blog : After making the necessary investigations about the Cryptofactor hyip project, we decided to add this project to our website and started listing it on our blog as of 22/03/2022. The launch of the project was made on 18/03/2022.

Investment Plans : There are 9 investment plans available on the Cryptofactor online investment site. The plans paying hourly and end of term. We have summarized the details of the investment plans and the minimum investment limits and maximum investment limits of these investment plans for you below.

Hourly Plans :

Payment offer : 1.5% - 5% hourly

Investment period : 72 hours

Deposit accruals : Hourly

Contribution : 25 usd - 10000 usd

Deposit : Deposit is included in the payment

Total profitability : 108% - 360% (111% - 363% with our bonus)

After Plans :

Payment offer : 200% - 500%

Investment period : 3 days

Deposit accruals : End of Term

Contribution : 3000 usd - 50000 usd

Deposit : Deposit is included in the payment

Total profitability : 200% - 500% (203% - 505% with our bonus)

Accepted currencies : The cur