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  • Writer's Review (SCAM) : 3% - 20% Profit For 3 - 40 Days

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

(SCAM) Crustabot new online investment project review. Is paying or scam? This new investment site has flexible investment plans. The 6 different investment plans it offers have daily, monthly and end-of-period profit returns.

This project, which pays between 3% and 20% daily, also has plans that make monthly payments. It is possible to earn up to 52% monthly income depending on the amount of investment made. The minimum investment limit required to participate in the Crustabot online investment project is 10 USD. Now let's start reviewing this investment site:


Add Time : 23/05/2020

Our Investment : 200 USD

Minimum Deposit : 10 USD

Minimum Withdrawal :  5 USD

Payouts : Manual

Referral : 3% - 1% - 0.5%

RCB Offer : 0%

IAccept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer -Ethereum - Litecoin - Dash - Bitcoin Cash


The Crustabot hyip site expresses itself as: ''Blockchain Technology Is A Revolutionary Discovery That Has Attracted The Attention Of The Entire Progressive Society. The CrustaBot Project Is No Exception And Has Decided To Adopt Technologies That Will Change The World.

Our Company Has Extensive Experience In Manufacturing Robots And Enjoys A Fresh Look At This Area Of Activity. Using The Robots We Have Created And Consulting The Best Traders, We Plan To Implement A Unique System For Profitable Trading, Independent Of The Cryptocurrency Market Conditions. ''

Crustabot Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the new online investment project. Crustabot online investment program has 6 investment plans in total. These plans pay in 3 different ways: daily profit accrual, monthly profit accrual and end-of-period profit accrual.

The return of your capital will return to you after the profit accrual of the investment plan you have chosen is completed. Depending on the investment package you choose, the minimum investment limits range from 10 USD to 1,500 USD.

The higher the investment amount, the higher the profit will be. The investment plans of this site are slightly different from the familiar online investment plans. The profit rates of% stated in the plans represent the net floor return.

For example, let's take the GOLD PLAN that we have invested in. The net profit of this plan is 20% after 40 days. We invested 200 usd for this plan and the total profit that we will get after 40 days will be 40 usd.

This amount, which we will obtain, will return to us as 1 usd every day for 40 days as we choose the daily accrual plans. Profit accruals differ according to the investment plan you choose, as daily, monthly and end of period. Let's examine these investment plans by considering the minimum and maximum investment amounts.

  • 3% For 7 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 10 usd, maximum deposit 400 usd.

  • 9% For 20 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 50 usd, maximum deposit 5.000 usd.

  • 20% For 40 Days (Daily Accruals) :Minimum deposit 200 usd, maximum deposit 20.000 usd.

  • 32% For 60 Days (Monthly Accruals) :Minimum deposit 500 usd, maximum deposit 150.000 usd.

  • 52% For 90 Days (Monthly Accruals) :Minimum deposit 1.000 usd, maximum deposit 200.000 usd.

  • 122% For 180 Days (End Of Term Accruals) :Minimum deposit 1.500 usd, maximum deposit 500.000 usd.

Crustabot LTD Investment Details

Cryptobot accepts 6 different payment methods for those who want to invest. Those who want to invest with USD can use the perfect money and payeer payment method. If you want to make your investment with crypto money, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash and bitcoin cash payment methods can be used for this.

There is no direct investment in the plans in this project. It is necessary to invest in the site before choosing any plan. You can easily make your investment by choosing the package you want to join behind the investment transaction.

You have successfully completed the investment process and how can you withdraw your profits now? First, you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 5 usd to give the withdrawal order. Afterwards, you can place a withdrawal order with the payment method you used to invest.

The site does not charge any hidden fees from investors who make deposits and give withdrawals. Payment transactions are made manually. Your withdrawal will be completed within 48 hours following the instruction.

Referral Program

Crustabot online investment project offers users the opportunity to earn extra income. You can earn between 3% and 0.5% extra income by using the partnership program of the site.

So what needs to be done to take advantage of the referral program? After registering on the site, you can log in to your account and find your reference link created specifically for you on the referral page.

You can invite people to this project by sharing this link with your friends or in social areas such as youtube, facebook, twitter. If someone registers on the site using your link and buys any investment package, you will get 3% extra earnings from the investment amount your reference made.


Let's give information about our investment towards the end of the Cryptobot review. We, as, bought the GOLD investment package for 200 usd and we take to it watch the crustabot hyip site.

Our investment will bring us a total profit of 40 USD and will accrue 1 USD to our account every day for 40 days. Our capital will return to us at the end of the 40-day period, and if there is no problem with the site, we are thinking of constantly reinvesting our capital.

We invested in this site through perfect money. Below you can see the details and screenshot of the payment.


DEPOSIT DETAILS : Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U22449081 from U12149400. Batch: 315707839. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit from


Our Opinion About Hyip

Yes, dear followers, for now, this is our information about the plans and payments of the crustabot investment program. Is paying or scam? We recommend you to visit our site frequently to be aware of the details and payment status about this project.

We added this project, which we think will run for a long time, to DIAMOND LIST on our site. Evidence of withdrawals from the site will be constantly shared in the comments section below. If you have invested in this project, you can inform our followers by sharing your proof of payment here.

Regards Team.


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