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  • Writer's Review (SCAM): Bitcoin and Ethereum Investment Site

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

(SCAM) New bitcoin and ethereum investment site cashbox. With this new online investment site, it is possible to have a daily return of 3%. Opportunity to earn income until your earnings reach 200%. Is paying or scam? Let's start to give information about this new hyip site.


Add Time : 24/08/2020

Our Investment : 125 USD

Minimum Deposit : 0.005 BTC

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.001 BTC

Payouts : Instant

Referral : 5% - 15%

RCB Offer : 2.5% of your first deposit

Investment Plans : 3% Daily Until %200 Total Profit

Accept :Bitcoin - Ethereum



The Cashbox hyip site expresses itself as: ''Cashbox AI offers direct investment opportunities in emerging technologies, leveraging a growing network of trusted partners to identify potentially profitable opportunities.

Our investment specialists analyze different opportunities to assess the risks involved and also potential for asset appreciation and long term cash flow. Equipped with extensive experience investing in technology projects, we present our investors with different opportunities which can deliver sizeable returns to investors, even while they sleep.

We understand that choosing the right investment platform for a busy working professional with all the clutter in the market can be a tough task.

however, we implore you to Trust that with Cashbox AI, you are getting the best investment opportunity from leading experts who have years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves as having fairness being at the core of our principles and values..

The technology sector, over the years, has performed favorably for investors. The 20 year average of the return-on-equity rate for tech stock stands at 20.5%, which is much higher than other avenues, making technology one of the most lucrative investment channels.

We have an extensive network of project partners that help us make our buisiness process smooth, thereby invariably leading to successful completion of our projects and help increase the returns we structure for our investors.''

Cashbox Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the new project. The site has only 1 investment plan. This online investment package promises investors to pay 3% daily return until the profit returns reach 200%. Capital is included in the daily 3% return on profit offered by the site.

For this hyip investment minimum investment limit required for the initial investment plan of the site is 0.005 BTC.

After registering on the site, you can log in to your account and click the FUND CASHBOX tab to reach the page where you can invest. You can simply make your investment by completing a few steps on this page. After the investment process, after the necessary approvals are received on the system, the investment package you purchased will start working instantly. Since the site only accepts crypto money, the approval process may take up to 1 hour.

However, this process is usually completed in a much shorter time. You can see that your first profit is reflected in your account 24 hours after your investment. The site pays 7 days a week.

  • 3% Daily Until 200% : Minimum deposit 0.005 BTC, maximum deposit 2 BTC.

Cashbox LTD Investment Details

Investors who want to participate in this investment program can use ethereum and bitcoin payment methods. The minimum investment limit required to participate in the project is 0.005 BTC. The minimum withdrawal limit required to place a withdrawal order on the project 0.001 BTC. The withdrawal instructions you give are paid instant by the site. You do not pay any hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Referral Program

With this online investment project, you can earn extra income besides your investment. You can invite people to this site using the referral link created specifically for you in your account. With your link, you will earn 5% of the investment made by every user who registers and invests in the site. As we offer you an offer:

If you register on the site using our referral link and invest, we will reimburse you 2.5% of your investment. Thus, the profit you get from the site increases a little more. Users who register using our referral link can fill out the form on the RCB REQUEST page for 2.5% extra earnings.


We, as, have invested 125 usd in this project and have been watching the cashbox hyip project. You can see the details of the amount of investment we made on the below.


DEPOSIT ADRESS : 3DovBpLZHD99i7yiEHcTgxnpdj9BeRd3V9

TRANSACTION : 6530e02ff86898df73cbe89c055b43deac948dfdee46c2658fe78370d29abd40


Our Opinion About Hyip

Yes, dear followers, we will finish our article with our last words about this new hyip site. As, we have invested 125 usd in the investment plan, which is the first investment plan of this project and promises to pay every day until 200% total profit.

Is paying or scam? This project, which includes profitable investment plans, is located in PREMIUM LIST in our hyip blog. We will share the results of withdrawal instructions from the site at the end of the review.

We recommend you to visit this page frequently to get information about the last payment status of the site. If you have an investment in this project, you can share the proofs of payment on this page to ensure that those who are considering investing are informed.

Best regards, TEAM ...




BTC 0.00115000 (11.50 USD) has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 18gUPkNHzrr5yG1PU4rsz4tqzGhVJnYgcd.

Transaction batch is b9cf40eee641fe768fce3d155fa91b6b3f6f8a9193bad855b93d5211212abf29.

Date : 13/09/2020

BTC 0.00120000 (12.34 USD) has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 18gUPkNHzrr5yG1PU4rsz4tqzGhVJnYgcd.

Transaction batch is ef4ff98e0fdf360a2f483a846470ba783a7e3d3b5b2ba4d5de8197fb45e893d9.

Date : 10/09/2020

$BTC 0.00145000 (15 USD) has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 18gUPkNHzrr5yG1PU4rsz4tqzGhVJnYgcd.

Transaction batch is a87f54c57cd1167ff6bb664106249679af74ceb4aadbd3f85718db0a42a037d5.

Date : 06/09/2020

BTC 0.00120000 (12.50 USD) has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 18gUPkNHzrr5yG1PU4rsz4tqzGhVJnYgcd.

Transaction batch is 8115362dcbe74ea93b7762b54051e07ab9913739baa919f73b9347ea1e2d867d.

Date : 02/09/2020

BTC 0.00120000 (13.75 USD) has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 18gUPkNHzrr5yG1PU4rsz4tqzGhVJnYgcd.

Transaction batch is 5e172b3c50f501130b6e4c8282664c1a9f0a86509ef9c0aefc8e466cff3eb7ae.

Date : 29/08/2020

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