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  • Writer's Review (SCAM) : New Hyip 5% - 6% Daily Profit

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

(SCAM) Is paying or scam? New profitable hyip site review. With 3 investment plans you can have 5% - 6% daily and 200% end of term profit income. Start to earn money with minimum 0.001 bitcoin deposit. Let's give information about this hyip project.


Add Time : 22/04/2020

Our Investment : 250 USD

Minimum Deposit : 0.001 BTC

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.0005 BTC

Payouts : Manual

Referral : 5% - 2% - 1%

RCB Offer : 2.5% of your first deposit

Investment Plans : 5% Daily For 30 Days - 6% Daily For 30 Days - 200% After 20 Days

Accept :Bitcoin



The Bitexpander hyip site expresses itself as: '' is an advanced Bitcoin asset management platform delivered by BIT EXPANDER LTD. registered UK Company. With the help of our professional traders, you can multiply your bitcoins without any knowledge of the market. How does it work and how does it earn? It's really simple, all you have to do is entrust your Bitcoins to our traders, who placing them on our trading balances will make you achieve a stable, guaranteed profit. Completely passive, without taking any action. Your Bitcoins will start working for you. We transfer profits to your account every 24 hours throughout the month or in the EXPANDER plan after 20 days after opening the deposit. Our team works quickly and efficiently, using the latest tools, such as arbitration bots, automatic transaction systems and cryptocurrency tracking. Your money works all the time and is protected against market declines with our uniquely developed system.''

Bitexpander LTD Investment Plans online investment program has 3 investment options. 2 of these plan paying daily and one plan is paying and of term. Depending on the amount of investment made through this hyip site, it is possible to make 5% - 6% daily profit income. Below you can see details about investment plans and investment limits:

  • 5% Daily For 30 Days : Minimum deposit 0.001 btc, maximum deposit 0.199 btc.

  • 6% Daily For 30 Days : Minimum deposit 0.2 btc, maximum deposit 20 btc.

  • 200% After 20 Days : Minimum deposit 0.5 btc, maximum deposit 20 btc.

Bitexpander Investment Details

Investors who want to participate in this investment program can use bitcoin payment method. The minimum investment limit required to participate in the project is 0.001 bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal limit required to place a withdrawal order on the project is 0.0005 bitcoin. The withdrawal instructions you give are paid instant by the site. You do not pay any hidden fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Referral Program

If you want to earn extra income other than your investment, you can get extra profit by promoting the site on youtube, facebook and hyip forums thanks to the promotion program offered by the site. You can earn 5% - 2% - 1% extra profit by using the referral program of the project. You do not have to have an active investment to get extra profit.

RCB Offer : 2.5% of your first deposit.


We, as, have invested 200 usd in this project and have been watching the bitexpander hyip project. You can see the details of the amount of investment we made on the below.



Our Opinion About Hyip

As a result, bitextander hyip site has profitable investment plans. We, as, have added this project to the VIP LIST section of our hyip monitor. Is paying or scam? we recommend that you visit our hyip monitor frequently to monitor the current status of the site. You can check hyip status all time on this page. To learn more about this hyip, visit the about page of the site. You can share your thoughts about the site in the COMMENTS section below or share the evidence of your withdrawals.

A detailed analysis of the project, all statuses and statistics of deposits can be viewed at


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