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Best Investment Projects of 2022

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Popular Investment Sites of 2022

The last quarter of 2022 did not go well for investment projects. But there are some investment programs that continued to work stably throughout the year and satisfied their investors. Here, this article contains a brief review of investment projects that had a stable year. These investment projects continued to make regular payments until 31/12/2022.

You can follow the payment status of these projects, which continue to make regular payments as of today, on our blog for the next period.

Best investment sites of 2022

The Best Investment Projects of the Year and their Returns : This project, which has continued to bring profits to its investors since 2017, continued to distribute profits uninterruptedly in 2022 as well. Project joined our blog on 13/01/2018. During this time, he offered extra bonuses many times.

Here are some of these bonuses:

GIANT PROPORTIONAL BONUSES (GPB): They have distributed bonuses up to 30% depending on the size of your deposit.

TWIICE : By inviting your friends to participate in this project, they have enabled you to earn high referral income.

PROGRESSIVE EXTRA : They have increased the profit you will get by upgrading their package, formerly known as EXTRA.

best 2022 investment projects

It is possible to list many types of bonuses like this one here. 8bit online investment program has a very professional staff. They know how to keep their investors happy all the time. We hope that this site, which successfully completed the year 2022, will continue to make its investors happy in 2023 as well.

You can reach the article with a detailed review of this project and the payment proofs from the link below.

For project review and proofs of payment:


Henbbo : The owner of the Henbbo investment program has provided good profits to its investors in this project, as in previous investment sites, and still continues to do so. Henbbo launched on 25/07/2022 and has been paying out regularly ever since. This project, which makes the payments manually, fulfills the requests of the investors who order the withdrawal within 24 hours at the latest. Offering 4 different investment packages, the Henbbo project has daily and end-of-term payment plans.

Henbbo management informed about its statistics for 2022 and accordingly:

Project managers have offered some promotions throughout the year. They gave extra bonuses between 0.90% and 7%, depending on the preferred investment package. They have offered bonus options on Halloween.

The Henbbo Foundation states that, despite the global financial and economic crisis, they not only managed to avoid the decline last year, but even increased the company's total capital by 12%. He informed that the total turnover increased by 14.5% compared to the previous year and reached 152 million dollars.

The Henbbo investment program, which we do not expect to show the same performance in 2023, has always completed our withdrawal requests. We invested 1,000 USD in this project, which joined our blog on 25/07/2022, and we continue to invest again when the investment plan we have chosen ends.

Best investment projects of 2022

We have an article on our blog with a detailed review of the Henbbo investment program. We also provide information on the results of withdrawals in the COMMENTS section of this article. You can reach the information about the performance and payment status of the website in 2023 by following the link below.

For project review and proofs of payment:


Dividendgrowth: This project, which has been paying for 207 days as of 31/12/2022, has an investment plan that offers its investors 0.65% daily profit. This project, which has a single investment plan, promises its investors a profit return of 170% at the end of the term.

We added the Dividedgrowd investment program to our blog on 08/06/2022 and started monitoring the project. The DividendGrowd project, to which we contributed 125 USD, instantly fulfills the withdrawal requests of its investors.

This investment program, which offers an acceptable daily profit return, succeeded in making its investors happy in 2022. Even during the economic difficulties and the pandemic, he made his payments without delay.

It is one of the projects that we hope will continue stable in 2023. The project is followed by 36 monitoring sites in total. We did not find any negative comments as a result of our investigations.

Hyip project reviews

There is also an article for DividendGrowd on our blog, where online investment projects are reviewed. In the coming periods, we will continue to follow the payment proofs and developments regarding this project. From the link below, you can follow the project's money withdrawal instructions and the developments regarding the payment status.

For project review and proofs of payment:


Aleofund: The last investment program that we will talk about in this article is ALEOFUND. This online investment program, followed by a total of 17 hyip monitors, has been making instant payments for 188 days as of 31/12/2022. As of 27/06/2022, we started to list this project in the PREMIUM LIST area of our blog by investing 125 USD.

After nearly 100 days of listing, we added the project to the LEADERS area, where the best and stable projects in our Blog are exhibited.

The Aleofund project, which has a total of 3 investment plans offering daily 1% - 2% and 3% profit returns, continues to work stably.

Don't be fooled by the simple interface of the site. Because we witnessed many projects that looked very professional and were closed 2 days after they were opened. The point to note here is that the project continues stably and promises acceptable daily profit returns.

As a result of our investigations, we have not come across any negative comments or evaluations about this project so far.

We did not receive any negative comments from our investors about this project.

We hope that this investment program, which did not harm its investors in any way in 2022, will maintain the same stability in 2023 and continue to make its investors happy.

Profitable hyip project

As, we will continue to monitor the Aleofund investment program and renew our investments. You can follow the details of the project and the results of daily withdrawals from the article page of the project, whose link is given below.

For project review and proofs of payment:


About 2023 Online Investment Sites

Finally, economic developments and war situations in the world in 2023 are the most important factors that will affect the future of online investment programs. The war between Russia