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A complete guide on Non-Fungible Tokens

Since its debut in 2012, NFTs have been storming the digital arts and collectible markets. NFTs have become one of the most famous blockchain trends of the year, luring more and more people into the market. Now even celebrities are joining in as they've discovered that this can be the latest and most probably the greatest opportunity for them to connect with fans.

The real question here is; do you know about NFTs? If not, then no worries, you're at the right place. Reading further, you will acknowledge all the significant and primary info you need before jumping into the NFTs world. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

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What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

According to Wikipedia; A Non-Fungible Token or an NFT is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a Blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

In simpler words, NFTs are digital tokens that generally indicate the ownerships of unique digital items/assets. Now let us understand these terms like 'Non-Fungible' from the market's perspective. An asset is Fungible when you take away some part of it, and the remaining proportion still holds some value within, and if the asset doesn't, then it is Non-Fungible.

Trouble grasping all these definitions and stuff? Let us understand this with an example; Suppose you want to buy a red briefcase, you go to the internet and order one from the site for 100$. Now the one you just purchased is a usual red color briefcase and doesn't have any unique value, and that's why it is Fungible. On the other hand, Let us say that there is a briefcase which was used by James Bond in his movie and doesn't have any copies. Now that briefcase is unique, and therefore it is Non-Fungible.

For more info on Fungible & Non-Fungible, you can check out a short video here


How do Non-Fungible Tokens work?

In NFT, each token is unique and not differentiable because; they are different from ERC-20 Tokens like DAI or LINK. NFTs allow their buyers to assign or claim full ownership claim on any single digital data piece, which is trackable using the blockchain of Ethereum as a public directory. An NFT is also represented as digital or non-digital assets from digital objects, like an NFT could represent both; digital art like GIFs, audios & video, as well as real-world items like a ticket to some iconic show or some legal documents.

An NFT can have only one owner at a time, and the property is managed by unique single identification & metadata that no other token can replicate. NFTs are defined by intelligent agreements assigning ownership and managing the NFT's transfers. When you generate or mint an NFT, you run code encoded in intelligent contracts which meet various standards like ERC-721. This information will be uploaded to the NFT blockchain.


How to buy Non-Fungible Tokens?

Purchasing Ethereum Since most NFTs are tokens from Ethereum, most markets only take Eth tokens for payment of this collection. You might buy Ethereum on there and forward your money to your MetaMask wallet if you already have an account on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Connecting your wallet to the marketplace:

NFTs can be bought and sold on numerous markets. You can buy various art or collectibles depending on the marketplace you pick. Many of these websites include secondary markets with different NFTs, although each platform is a bit different from the other. Now let us have a short introduction to MetaMask and OpenSea.

MetaMask is a browser extension and a mobile application for an Ethereum wallet. You'll need an Ethereum wallet to sign up for OpenSea (and other NFT sites). Just download MetaMask, set up a wallet, and transfer an ETH from Coinbase which you just bought. If this is your first time with Ethereum wallets, then you can this detailed video tour of Crypto Wallets for a better understanding.

OpenSea is the Ethereum marketplace for NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens may be exchanged by users for bitcoin. It houses a range of digital collections ranging from video games to digital artworks. You need a bitcoin wallet, like MetaMask, to utilize this site.

Purchasing the NFT

After you finance your account, it is a straightforward procedure to buy an NFT. Most of the markets are in the form of an auction therefore the offer for the NFT you wish to buy must be submitted. Some markets function more like an exchange, utilizing the highest tender and lowest-demand for NFTs with multiple printing.

The possible resale value instantly after the product is an advantage of buying an NFT from the main market. Some high-demand NFTs will sell their initial price 5 to 10 times soon after publication. The drawback of the purchase of NFTs on the main market is that the demand for art is difficult to forecast.


How to create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens?

Creating your own Non-Fungible Token is quite an easy and straightforward task. Also, you don't need much knowledge of cryptocurrency to create your own token. For creating your own NFT, you can use an Ethereum Blockchain which is generally used tor you can also try some of the others like Binance Smart Coin, WAX, EOS, etc. Each blockchain has its own rules and regulation for development but as the Ethereum one is more widely used, let us talk about that first.

For creating your own token with Ethereum, the first thing you will need is an Ethereum based wallet that is compatible with ERC-721 standards and some funds in the wallet. Next, you will need a marketplace where will further sell your NFT. As OpenSea is one of the famous and has the easiest process, here is how you can create your own token using Ethereum on OpenSea.

On OpenSea first, you will need to connect your wallet, and once you've connected your ETH-based wallet, you are good to go for creating your first NFT. To create the token, click on - Create from the top menu. Complete all the necessary information and save it. You are now ready to begin the current NFT minting procedure. Click New Item, load, and provide your artwork with all the details. Click Create and your own NFT will be created.

Congratulations, a token has been created successfully! However, now you have to open the new item in your collection in order to sell it on OpenSea and click on the sale option. On the seller page, you will be able to pick Ethereum tokens for the first and the next sales that you accept as a payment to sell at a fixed price or an auction and royalties.



You have reached the end of your virtual guide on NFTs. Now, most probably you can get a clear idea of how you can enter the NFTs market whether as a Buyer or as a Seller. If you have any queries do comment down below and for gaining more info about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you can check out CryptoSarge. The website has some good guides on various important factors. You can subscribe to their free newsletter too so that you will always get notified of the new updates.


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