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A Beginner's Guide to Making Money With a YouTube Channel

Updated: Mar 22

YouTube is the largest video platform with billions of users worldwide. On this platform, people can upload their own videos and share them with people all over the world. At the same time, YouTube offers the opportunity to earn money through its videos.

Making money by opening a YouTube channel has become increasingly popular in recent years. Therefore, many people want to earn money by opening their own channels on this platform. However, this process can be quite challenging for beginners.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide for beginners, helping those who want to make money by opening a YouTube channel more easily and successfully complete the process.

A Beginner's Guide to Making Money With a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Opening Process

Account Creation:

To open a YouTube channel, you must first have a Google account. If you don't have a Google account, you can get a Google account by creating a Gmail account. If you have a Google account, you can create your channel by logging into YouTube and clicking "Create Channel".

Determination of Channel Name and Description:

The channel name is one of the most important elements that determine the identity of your channel. When determining your channel name, it is important to choose a catchy and easy-to-remember name that is suitable for your channel's content. Channel description, on the other hand, is a text that briefly summarizes the content and purpose of your channel. In the channel description, you can describe what type of content your channel offers and who it appeals to.

Creating the Design of the Channel:

Channel design determines the visual identity of your channel. Channel profile picture, channel cover photo, channel pictures and general design of the channel make your channel have a professional and aesthetic look. Your channel's design, along with elements such as channel name and description, creates your channel's brand identity.

Determination of Channel Keywords:

Channel keywords are words used to describe your channel's content. By identifying keywords related to your channel's content, you can increase your channel's discoverability. When determining keywords, you should consider factors such as the popularity of the keyword, the relevance of the keyword to your channel's content, and the functionality of the keyword.


Content Creation

Subject Selection:

One of the most important steps of producing content is choosing a topic. When choosing a topic, you should consider your own interests, target audience and competitors. In choosing a topic, it is important to appeal to the interests of your target audience, to differentiate from your competitors, and to reflect your own interests.

Content Planning:

Content planning is the detailed consideration and preparation of video content. Content planning includes preparing the scenario of the video, researching the subject of the video, selecting the visual materials suitable for the subject of the video and other details. Content planning is essential to ensure the success of video production.

Video Shooting:

Video capture is the stage where the content is brought to life. After the content planning is done, the necessary equipment for the shooting should be prepared and the shooting should be carried out. In video shooting, attention should be paid to shooting angles, lighting, sound quality and other technical details.

Video Montage:

Video montage is the stage of editing the captured video. At this stage, the correct sequence of the captured images, removing unnecessary parts, adding effects and other edits are made. Video montage keeps the video fluid and engaging.

Audio Editing:

Audio editing is the process of improving and editing the audio quality of a video. At this stage, operations such as noise reduction, balancing of sound levels, adding background music are done. Audio editing improves the quality of the video.

Image Editing:

Image editing is the process of improving the visual quality of the video. At this stage, operations such as color editing, contrast adjustments, image stabilization, adding effects are done. Visual editing makes the video look professional and aesthetic.

Content Posting:

The final stage of content production is the publication of the video. Reach your target audience by publishing the video on your YouTube channel. During the content publishing phase, it is also important to determine the video title, description and tags.

The video title should be such that it grabs the attention of your target audience. The description should provide detailed information about the video content and tags can be used to increase the video's findability. After the content publishing stage, you can reach a wider audience by sharing the video on social media and other platforms.


Audience Building

Determining the Right Target Audience:

One of the important steps in creating a successful YouTube channel is determining the right audience. When determining your target audience, you can determine it by considering factors such as age, gender, interests, location. Identifying the right audience can increase your videos' views and help you gain more subscribers.

Video Promotion and Sharing:

Video promotion and sharing plays an important role in the audience building process. You can use social media platforms to promote and share your videos. You can reach a wider audience by sharing your videos on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a way to make your videos reach more people. For social media marketing, you can use advertising options or increase your shares organically. You can increase your number of followers by regularly posting on social media platforms.

SEO Optimization:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization is a method that allows your videos to rank higher in search engines. Correct use of keywords, detailed description of the video, and correct identification of tags are important steps for SEO optimization. SEO optimization can help more people find your videos.


Monetization Methods

Earning Ad Revenue with Google AdSense:

The most common way to monetize a YouTube channel is to earn ad revenue with Google AdSense. AdSense allows advertisers to show their ads on your videos and pays you for every click or impression. AdSense pays you based on the size of your YouTube channel and the number of times your videos are viewed.

Sponsored Content and Product Promotion:

Sponsored content and product promotion can be another way to monetize your YouTube channel. In this method, a brand or company pays you to promote their products or services. You can naturally place your sponsored content or product promotions in a way that will attract the attention of your followers.

Donations and Supports:

Donations and supports are when your viewers pay you directly to support your channel. To use this method, you can collect donations through platforms such as Patreon, Ko-fi or PayPal. The amount of donations often depends on the interests and loyalty of your audience.

YouTube Premium Revenues:

YouTube Premium members pay a set fee per month as they have no ads and access to premium features. A portion of this membership fee is paid to you when YouTube Premium members watch your videos. This method will vary depending on the size of your channel and how many subscribers to YouTube Premium your viewers have.


Channel Growth and Revenue Increasing Methods

Improvement of Video Quality and Content:

The quality and content of your videos is very important for the growth of your YouTube channel. You can contribute to the growth of your channel and the expansion of your audience by creating interesting, original and quality content that will engage and entertain your viewers.

Increasing the Number of Channel Subscribers and Views:

It is important to increase your subscriber count and view count for your YouTube channel to grow. Therefore, you can use social media platforms and share your videos to promote your channel. You can also reach your target audience using YouTube ads.

Use of YouTube Analytics Tools:

YouTube Analytics allows you to measure and analyze your channel's performance. These tools help you see how long your videos have been watched, which of your videos are more popular, and the demographics of your viewers. Using this information, you can develop more effective strategies that will contribute to the growth of your channel.

Establishment of Collaborations and Partnerships:

You can contribute to the growth of your channel by collaborating with other YouTube channels, brands or influencers. For example, you can reach each other's followers by making videos with another channel in the same niche. You can also gain new viewers and increase your revenue by promoting sponsored content and product promotions with brands.


Tips for Success

Being Patient and Producing Regular Content:

Starting a successful YouTube channel takes time and effort. Being patient and producing regular content will help your channel grow and increase your audience. By creating a weekly or monthly release schedule, you can create a layout where your followers can expect new content.

Communicating with Viewers and Considering Feedback:

Engaging with your audience allows you to listen to their requests and feedback, as well as engage them. Responding to comments, answering questions, and interacting with your subscribers can increase their trust and loyalty to you.

Reviewing and Learning Other Successful YouTube Channels:

By studying successful YouTube channels, you can understand the factors behind their success. For example, you can analyze the video style, content type, broadcast frequency and your target audience. Using this information, you can improve your channel and expand your audience.

Adding Originality and Making a Difference:

There are millions of videos on YouTube and the competition is quite high. Adding authenticity and making a difference can help your channel grow. By developing original content and creative ideas, you can attract viewers and increase your follower count. You can also strengthen your brand image by customizing the design of your channel, your logo and other elements such as the video style.


YouTube has become a popular source of income today and many people are making money using this platform. However, many factors need to work together to create a successful YouTube channel. Each of the stages such as channel opening, producing content, creating an audience, monetization methods and growing the channel is important.

The channel opening process consists of steps such as determining the channel name and description, creating the design of the channel and determining the channel keywords. In the content production phase, there are steps such as topic selection, content planning, video shooting, video editing, sound editing, visual editing and content publishing.

In the stage of creating an audience, methods such as determining the right target audience, video promotion and sharing, social media marketing and SEO optimization can be used. Monetization methods include options such as generating ad revenue with Google AdSense, sponsored content and product promotion, donations and supports, and YouTube Premium revenues.

Finally, strategies such as improving video quality and content, increasing channel subscribers and views, using YouTube Analytics tools, and establishing collaborations and partnerships can be used to grow the channel and increase revenue. Suggestions such as being patient, interacting with viewers, examining other successful YouTube channels, adding originality and making a difference can also be considered in order to achieve success.

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