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New investment project on our hyip blog zonders.pro. Earn up to %350 profit. Minimum deposit 15 usd and use popular crypto money for investment.  


Dear friends, Zonders is the name of the online investment project that we will introduce today. Zonders is a company registered under the laws of England with the license number 11530203. Zonders, who entered the online investment market about 10 days ago, regularly pays the profits of investors.
You can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and monero payment methods to join this proy in which you will make a profit of 106% to 350% with 5 different investment plans. 

The financial activity of the project is cryptocency trade sector. Experienced experts share their profits with their customers. The minimum investment limit required to start profit from the project is 15 USD.
The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.002 bitcoin and the equivalent of crypto money. If you want to make your withdrawal as usd, the minimum withdrawal limit for usd is 0.10 usd. Withdrawals take place in the manual mod. Payments are usually instantaneous. However, in some cases this period can be up to 72 hours.

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 We can say that Zonders is in the category of low risk investment plans due to the ideal profitability. With 5 different investment plans, the program pays profit to investors at rates of 106% - 122% - 156% - 170% and 350%. Now let's talk a little bit about these investment plans.

PLAN 1: The first investment plan pays 106% at the end of 4 days. The minimum deposit limit required to participate in this plan is 15 USD. The maximum investment limit for this plan, where you can withdraw funds after 4 days, is 500 USD.

PLAN 2: Investors who want to make a profit of 122% in 12 days can participate in this plan. The minimum investment limit 35 USD, maximum investment limit is 2500 USD. Your profit is accrued every day for 12 days. You can withdraw your deposit at the end of the term.

PLAN 3: It is possible to make a profit of 156% within 24 days with the third investment plan. The minimum investment limit required to profit from this option is 350 usd. Your profit will be charged every day for 24 days. You may withdraw your deposit at the end of the term. The maximum investment limit for this plan is 25000 USD.

PLAN 4: With this plan you will profit 170% in 30 days. Your profit is accrued every day and you can withdraw your deposit at the end of the period. The maximum investment limit for this plan, which you can join with a minimum of 550 usd investment, is 75000 usd.

PLAN 5: Zonders's latest investment plan pays 350% profit in 45 days. The minimum investment limit is 150 usd and can be invested up to a maximum of 150,000 usd. You must wait for the 45-day period for withdrawal on this plan.

 After registering with Zonders.pro, you can access your investment plans by logging in to your account and clicking on the MAKE DEPOSIT button on the left. To make an investment, you must first select the plan you want to join.
In the second stage, you must select the method you want to invest in a sub-section and finally enter the amount you will invest. To complete the investment process, simply click on the CREATE button to transfer your money to the wallet that Zonders created specifically for you.
You can withdraw money by going to the WITHDRAWAL page. Note that you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold for withdrawal. Zonders offers investors the opportunity to earn extra money. You can go to the ZPOINTS page through your account to get more information about extra earnings.You can earn extra earnings by using the project's bonus program. Using your referral link, you can invite people to this project, you can earn three different referral bonuses from your partner's deposit 4% - 1.5% and 0.5%.

 The Zonders online investment program can be listed in the low-risk investment plans with reasonable profit. This project, which entered the investment market 10 days ago, became popular by investors in a short time.
It is understood that they aim to stay in this market for a long time by looking at reasonable profit return. You can reach the official documents of the site via the homepage. At the same time, the owners of the site publishes costumers investments on the home page.They have experienced experts in the cryptocurrency industry, with good analysis by earnings and they want to share with their customers for a long time they say. We decided to add Zonders to our hyip blog by investing 100 usd in this project as 
bestbtcsites.com. You can follow up the updates about the site and payment status from this page.

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