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Trafficpay is an investment program that has investment options with high profit yield. This new site, which we added to our Hyip monitor, offers investors the opportunity to profit with a minimum deposit of 20 USD.


The new investment project we will introduce today is Trafficpay. With a total of 35 investment options with 5 different investment categories, Trafficpay offers 104% to 2250% profit based on the amount of investment made to investors. 11778850 license number company is registered under British law. The company officials, who state that their financial activity areas are moden logistics activities, say that they minimize costs and increase profits due to heavy traffic. The minimum investment limit for joining the Trafficpay investment program is 20 USD. With the minimum investment limit, it is possible to make a profit of 104%, 120%, 170%, 300% and 700% according to the investment package you choose. You can use the perfect money, payeer, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash and dogecoin payment methods to join the site. Withdrawal from the site is done in manual mode. Your withdrawal order will take place within a maximum of 24 hours.

OUR DEPOSIT 75 USD DATE : 27/01/2019

27.01.19 17:29 Sent Payment: 75.00 USD to account U18103198 from U12149400. Batch: 244105725. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Traffic Pay Limited User bestbtcsites.

The company has 35 investment options in 5 investment categories and has investment plans with high profit yield.

PLAN 1: Trafficpay's first investment category has 7 different investment options. This option, which has a 1-day investment period, makes up to 125% profit at the end of the specified period.
According to the amount of investment made with this plan, it is possible to make a profit between 104% and 125% at the end of 1 day.

PLAN 2: The other investment plan with a 3-day investment period pays between 120% and 225% after 3 days according to the investment amount. You can participate in this plan with 7 different investment options with minimum 20 USD investment.

PLAN 3: This investment category has a 7-day investment period and has 7 different investment options. You can have between 170% and 425% according to the amount of investment you will make profit.

PLAN 4: The fourth investment category has a 15-day investment period and you can earn between 300% and 925% profit according to your investment.

PLAN 5: The investment period of the final investment plan is 30 days and at the end of 30 days, 700% to 2250% of the profit is promised.

The options offered by the investment program are those with high profitability. With a minimum investment of 20 USD, the site offers the opportunity to participate in any of the investment categories mentioned above.
Trafficpay tries to be transparent and publishes the latest financial transactions of investors on its homepage. The project, which has a unique interface, has received close to 7,000 USD from investors within 24 hours. This investment program, which just entered the online investment market, seems to be a candidate to become a popular investment option in a short time.
We, as the team, invested $ 75 in this project and added the Trafficpay investment program to our hyip monitor. You can follow the updates about this site and payment status from this page. It offers users the opportunity to earn extra money. After the registration process, you can invite people to this project using your referral link in your account and you can earn a 3% referral bonus from your partner's investment. Earned referral bonuses are instantly transferred to your account.

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