Skybtc Profitable Investing Plans


Skybtc is a new profitable investing hyip project on our hyip monitor. You can start to earn with minimum 0.003 BTC deposit. Accepting bitcoin for join to program 


Skybtc is a new hyip program on our hyip monitor. Company's financial activity is bitcoin and bitcoin farm. Skybtc registered England with 11733372 licance number.
The project has 3 investment plan for earning and with this plans you can profit %8 - %10 and %12 daily. All investing plans has 20 days period and after that time, you have to make new deposit for more profit. Site is accepting only bitcoin for deposit. To start for earn money, minimum deposit limit is 0.003 bitcoin. Skybtc not takeing any hidden fees for deposit or for withdrawal and all withdrawal is payin instant from te site.

Let's talk about project investment plans. We said before site has 3 profitable investment plans and its possible to earn untill %12 daily for 20 days.
First deposit plan's name is SILVER, you can join silver plan with minimum 0.003 btc deposit. Plan has 20 days investment period and to join this plan you can make profit
%8 daily for 20 days.
End of the period total profit is %160

Second profitable plan's name is BRONZE, for join bronze investment plan is minimum deposit limit is 0.51 btc. BRONZE plan has 20 days investment period and with this choose possible to earn %10 daily for 20 days.
End of period total profit is %200

Last investment plan name is GOLD, for gold plan is minimum deposit limit 2.1 btc. Its possible to earn with this plan %12 daily for 20 days. End of the period total profit is %240.

New hyip Skybtc has profitable investing plans and entered the investment sector new. At this time company makeing paidout instant without hidden fees. You can check investor's last payouts on site homapage. 
You can use site's calculator for learn profit before deposit. For more information you can visit  This article is prepared for users interested in the hyip sector. It is at your own discretion to participate in an investment program.

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