Richcapital Profitable Investment Plans


Richcapitals is a new profitable investment site on our hyip monitor. You can start to earn %1.1 daily profit with 0.001 BTC deposit. 


The basis of constitutes professional software developers who were directly involved in the development and testing of most famous classical algorithms for mining, SHA-256 and Scrypt. 

The Company promises 1.1% and 1.7% profit based on the investment plans it makes. The minimum investment limit for joining the site and starting to make a profit on this project is 0.001 bitcoin.
Investors do not pay any hidden fees for deposit and withdrawal. You can issue a withdrawal order when your account balance reaches 0.0001 bitcoin. The withdrawal instructions are processed instant as they are processed automatically.

OUR DEPOSIT 0.0132 BTC (45 USD) DATE: 28/01/2019

The investment program offers two different investment opportunities. Now let's talk about these investment plans:
PLAN 1: The first investment plan has a 25-day investment period. With a minimum of 10 USD, this option pays 1.1% per day for the specified amount of time.

PLAN 2: The second investment plan pays a profit of 1.7% per day for 40 days. The minimum investment limit is 999 USD.

We can say that the richcapital investment program is in the category of low risk investment plans. This project, which entered the online investment market 3 days ago, has fulfilled the withdrawal instructions within this period.It offers users the opportunity to earn extra money. After the registration process, you can invite people to this project by using the referral link in your account, you can earn% 7%,4% and% 2 referral bonus from your partner's investment.We, as the team, invested in this project at 0.0132 BTC and added Richcapital to the hyip monitor. We've added. You can visit this page frequently to track the payment status of the site.Payments made by the site to us will be shared on this page. This article is intended for users interested in online investment programs. It is the person's own discretion to deposit funds into any online investment program.

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