Prospectbit High Profit Investing Plans

Prospectbit has high profit income investing plans. You can start to earn %12 daily with minimum $30 deposit. Check details on our hyip monitor.


Dear friends, today we will introduce the new investment project Prospectbit. Prospectbit entered the online investment market 5 days ago with a profitable investment option. During this period, the site regularly makes the withdrawal instructions in manual mode. The Company's financial business is crypto foreign exchange market. With the license number 11460708, the minimum investment limit required to start making a profit with the UK registered company is 30 USD.
You can use Perfect money, payeer, bitcoin, bch, litecoin, dash and ethereum payment methods to join Prospectbit. The Company does not charge any hidden fees to from the investor and the users of the withdrawal order.



DATE: 17/02/2019

Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U18319869 from U12149400.

Batch: 246826334. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Prospect Bit Limited User bestbtcsites.

Now let's give some information about the investment plans of the hyip site:
The site has 4 different investment options with high profit yield. One of these options makes daily profit payments, while the other three investment options pay at the end of the specified period.

PLAN 1: The first investment option has a 10-day investment period and has a 12% profit per day. The minimum investment for the plan is 30 USD, the maximum investment limit is 349 USD.

PLAN 2: The second investment plan has an 8-day investment plan and the profit rate at the end of the period is 150%. To make withdrawals, the 8-day period must expire. The minimum investment required for this option is 350 USD. Up to 749 USD can be invested.

PLAN 3: The third investment package pays 180% at the end of 6 days. Minimum investment limit is 750 usd and maximum 1499 usd can be invested.

PLAN 4: It is the last investment plan and has a profit yield of 250% after 4 days. This plan, which has a minimum investment limit of 1500 usd, accepts investment up to 10,000 usd maximum.

Prospectbit officials make the promotion of the company as follows:

''Prospect Bit Limited is a young and legible bitcoin management company. Our company has been registered in 25 New Inn Yard, London, UK since 2018.

The company is a company committed to the crypto currencies industry with the superior technology of bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining. Our company was born. Our role is to give each person the opportunity to participate in bitcoin-related tasks and to profit easily with our powerful system.

The current members of our team come from different disciplines, but our common belief in crypto currencies has brought us together. Our company has received many positive reviews and feedback from our worldwide customers.''

As a result, Prospectbit online investment project consists of investment plans with high profit yield. The site shares the financial activities of its customers instantly on the homepage.
This project, which entered the hyip market about 5 days ago, became popular among the investors in a short time. We invested
$ 100 in this project as and we added Prospectbit hyip to our hyip monitor. You can follow up the updates about the site and the payment status from this page. The withdrawals from the site will be shared with the payment proofs from this page.
For more information, please visit the site's ABOUT US page.

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