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Powercapital is a new online investment platform on our hyip monitor. Hourly and daily profit income. Start to earn with 1 USD deposit. 




Dear friends, Powercapital is the name of the new investment project that we will introduce today. Powercapital has investment plans with hourly profit and daily returns. The site specifies the virtual financial area of ​​the site.
Project owners say that they operate in the field of wind energy and share the profit from this area with their investors. Company officials state that they are registered under British law with license number 10263636. The minimum investment required to participate in this project is 1 USD.
If you want to invest, you can use bitcoin, perfect money and payeer payment methods for this transaction. The Site does not charge any hidden fees from users who deposit money and give instructions for withdrawal. Withdrawal instructions are performed instantaneously by the site.
Powercapital has four main investment plans. The first option that makes hourly profit payments from these investment plans has 5 different levels. Let's give some information about these investment plans:

Powercapital.io investment plans

The first investment plan is called TURBO and this option offers 5 different investment opportunities. With this investment plan, it is possible to have a profit yield of 0.05% to 4% per hour according to the amount of investment.
HOURLY 1: If the investment amount is between 1 usd and 499 usd, the rate of profit to be obtained every hour will be 0.05%.
HOURLY 2: 500 usd to 999 usd between the hourly profit yield of investments made is 0.08%.
HOURLY 3: If the investment limit is between 1,000 USD and 1,999 USD, the hourly rate of profit will be 1.50%.
HOURLY 4: The investment limit required to earn 2.50% profit per hour should be between 2,000 and 5,000 usd.
HOURLY 5: The latest investment plan, which makes an hourly profit payment, pays investors 4% every hour. The minimum investment limit for this option is 3,000 USD.
The plans mentioned above for lifetime. The investment plans that we will discuss below are making daily profit payments.

The minimum investment limit required to participate in the first daily profit investment plan is 5 USD. This option pays the participants a profit of 10% per day for 14 days. This plan only pays the profit daily. You can withdraw your principal at the end of the 14-day period. Up to 999 usd can be invested for this option.

The second investment plan that pays daily is paid 14% per day for 14 days with minimum investment. The minimum investment limit required for this option is 1,000 USD. You must wait until the specified time has expired to withdraw your main money. Up to a maximum of 2,999 usd can be invested for this option.

The site's recent investment plan pays a profit of 20% per day for 14 days. For this plan with a minimum investment limit of 3,000 USD, up to 5,000 USD can be invested.

The use of the site is quite simple. After registering you can log in to your account and review the details. You can access the investment page by using the left menu in your account, give instructions for withdrawal and review your transaction history.
If you want to earn extra money, you can take advantage of the referral bonus program offered by the site. You can invite people to this project using your referral link in your account, you can earn 3 different bonuses  
7% to 2% and 1% from your partner's investment.
The earned bonuses are instantly transferred to your account and you can issue a withdrawal bonus for your referral bonuses when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

As a result, Powercapital.io online investment project entered the market 2 days ago. The site continues to make payments instantly. Investment plans of the site have very high profit returns.
The first investment package presented can be considered as a reasonable investment plan due to the hourly profit yield. We have invested 100 usd in this project as bestbtcsites.com and we have included Powercapital.io project on our hyip monitor.
We encourage you to visit this page frequently to keep track of updates to the site and payment status. For more information, please visit the site's ABOUT US page.

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