Watfordcorp.com Review: 6% Weekly Forever

Updated: Jul 31

Watfordcorp online investment site review. This site is a project designed for those who love long-term investment plans. The site promises investors a 6% profit per week forever. Is watfordcorp.com paying or scam? Let's give information about this investment program.

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Add Time : 08/04/2020

Our Investment : 135 USD

Minimum Deposit : 1 USD

Minimum Withdrawal : 1USD

Payouts : Instant

Referral : 8% - 5% - 3% - 3% - 3%

RCB Offer : -

Investment Plans : 6% Weekly Forever ( You can sell your shares after one year )

Accept :Bitcoin - Perfect Money - Payeer - Ethereum

Link : Homepage


The Watfordcorp hyip site expresses itself as: ''Almost everyone has ever dealt with, or at least heard of, various joint-stock companies. However, sometimes the cooperation practice with them may turn to be unsuccessful. Of course, successful and reliable company’s shares purchase and earning with it is a perspective and profitable business. However, rather often the story is silent about the amount of people, who did not earn their money due to unscrupulous brokers, providing dubious companies’ shares. They earn a lot of money from trades but fail to provide their shareholders with such an opportunity.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning the unstable financial situation on the international stock market often negatively affects various stocks prices, while global financial crises completely bring down the entire existing system, which results in suffers and losses for lots of people.

Richard Watford was one of those people. He lost all his money by investing in real estate stocks in 2008, at the moment,when the whole world was seized by a severe financial crisis. But this did not break him. Moreover, he realized that the current system is not perfect. Therefore, he decided to build his own People to Company (P-to-C) business model, which would protect the ordinary people’s interests.

The first testing of his business model started in 2015, which showed positive dynamics. The companies he controlled at that time achieved record results a bit later. The financial growth rate increased significantly as well. The business management was actively gaining momentum at that time.''

Watfordcorp Investment Plans

Now let's talk about the investment plans of the watfordcorp.com long term hyip project. Watfordcorp investment program offers investors 4 different investment options. Each of these investment plans pay profit weekly period.

For watfordcorp investment minimum investment limit required for the initial investment plan of the site is 1 USD. Investors can have up to 6% profit weekly forever, depending on the amount of investment made.

NMW ENERGY : Buy 1 package, which equals to 130.99 USD currently, earn 7.2 USD per week.

GOLDMINE BMD: Buy 1 package, which equals to 134.15 USD currently, earn 7.18 USD per week.

EDV RECYCLING: Buy 1 package, which equals to 133.07 USD currently, earn 7.50 USD per week.

MARIJUANA DIET: Buy 1 package, which equals to 133.07 USD currently, earn 7.50 USD per week.

Watfordcorp Investment Details

Investors who want to participate in this investment program can use perfect money,payeer,ethereum payment methods. Your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly into personal wallets. Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar. The default fee for withdrawal is 10%, but you can lower it to be 0.5%. First step, you need verify your account with personal photo and identity document, after this step, your fee will be lowered to 1.5%; Second step, replenish 1 dollars with your payment options, for example, if you deposit with BTC, then just replenish 1 dollar through BTC, now your fee will be lowered to 0.5%.

Referral Program

If you want to earn extra income other than your investment, you can get extra profit by promoting the site on youtube, facebook and hyip forums thanks to the promotion program offered by the site. You can earn 8% - 5% - 3% - 3% extra profit by using the referral program of the project. You do not have to have an active investment to get extra profit.

RCB Offer : -


We, as bestbtcsites.com, have invested 135 usd in this project and have been watching the watfordcorp hyip project. You can see the details of the amount of investment we made on the below.


DEPOSIT DETAILS 1 : Sent Payment: 75.00 USD to account U21775751 from U12149400. Batch: 310118908. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit from bestbtcsites.com to watfordcorp.com

DEPOSIT DETAILS 2 :Sent Payment: 60.00 USD to account U21775751 from U12149400. Batch: 310165776. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit from bestbtcsites.com to watfordcorp.com.

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Our Opinion About Hyip

As a result, watfordcorp hyip site has profitable investment plans. We, as bestbtcsites.com, have added this project to the PREMIUM LIST section of our hyip monitor. Is watfordcorp.com paying or scam? we recommend that you visit our hyip monitor frequently to monitor the current status of the site. You can check hyip status all time on this page. To learn more about this hyip, visit the about page of the site. You can share your thoughts about the site in the COMMENTS section below or share the evidence of your withdrawals.

All Statuses and Statistics of Project

The amount of 26.51 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21775751->U12149400. Memo: API Payment. InWallet.. Date: 11:51 09.07.20. Batch: 323104120.

The amount of 6.63 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21775751->U12149400. Memo: API Payment. InWallet.. Date: 09:50 12.06.20. Batch: 318877886.

30.05.2020 Received Payment 48.31 USD from account U21775751 to account U12149400. Batch: 316643372. Memo: API Payment. InWallet. 


Please notice! This is not a trading advice. HYIP’s you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. We try to look at every investment company every day, but we are not responsible for your investement and we are not a financial advisor. Read More..

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