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📢Latest developments in investment projects (03/11/2020)

Hello, dear followers, today I would like to tell you about the developments in our investment block since 22/10/2020. In this newsletter, I will talk about projects that have joined our blog during the last 10 days.

I would also like to inform you about some hyip sites that unfortunately stop making payments. We have added 8 new investment projects to our hyip block since 22/10/2020. Among these online investment programs, there are many investment options with hourly, daily and end-of-term payment plans.

We have made withdrawals from all the projects we have added and we share the results of our withdrawals on the review page of the relevant project.

Now let's give some information about the new projects added to our blog recently and the scam projects that unfortunately stopped paying.

New projects

Btcmillioniare.io, this online investment program that we added to our blog's vip list 8 days ago, has 4 highly profitable investment plans that pay hourly. This project, which provides a lifetime return between 0.40% and 1% every hour, depending on the amount of investment made, made its payments instantly everytime in 8 day.

The minimum investment limit is 20 USD and it provides 0.40% daily return with this limit. I hope this project will be long term and profitable for everyone.

Coinportal.biz is an investment program with lifetime payment plans and end of term payment plans. It promises a return of 0.08% per hour for a lifetime with a minimum investment of 1 USD.

The coinportal hyip site, which is on the diamond list of our blog, promises investors up to 3000% profit return. Withdrawals are instant. According to the amount of investment made in this hyip project, it is possible to obtain 4% profit return every hour for a lifetime.

Benacooper.com is an investment program that is on the Diamond list and has lifetime payment plans that we added to our blog 7 days ago. With this project, it is possible to earn between 10% and 20% per day depending on the investment amount.

This hyip site, which we participated with an investment of 200 USD, made regular payments until today. Withdrawals are processed instantly.

Plazer.biz, we purchased the package with an investment of 250 USD and a profit of 6% per day. This project, which we added to the VIP list 7 days ago, made regular payments during this period. The plazer site, which makes a manual payment, completes the withdrawals within 1 hour.

They have plans with investment periods between 21 days and 336 days and offer a daily profit of 6% to 7.2% depending on the investment amount.

Picus.biz is an online investment program that has investment plans that pay daily, weekly and quarterly. We can participate with a minimum investment of 15 USD and it is a project that promises a profit of up to 3000% within 1 year depending on the amount of investment made.

This hyip site, which we added to the VIP list with an investment of 250 USD 6 days ago, instantly fulfilled our withdrawal transactions in this process. Picus investment program offers investors 6 investment options.

Dogebox.ltd is an investment program that has 9 investment plans and promises a profit return of up to 6500%. It offers investment options in two different categories, daily and end of term. We, as bestbtcsites.com, invested 250 usd in this project where you can invest a minimum of 10 usd and we added the Dogebox investment program to the VIP list.

This hyip site, which we added 4 days ago, makes the payments manually and pays within a maximum of 12 hours.

Tradehouse.ltd, with a quality interface, this project has 5 investment options. One of these plans pays daily. The other 4 investment plans have term-end payment plans.

The tradehouse investment program, which has a minimum investment limit of 20 USD, manually performs the transactions of investors who give withdrawal orders. This hyip, which is in the VIP list category of our site, was added to our blog 2 days ago.

Investefficiency.biz is an online investment site with 4 investment plans with a 15-day payment period. We invested 125 USD for this new hyip, which has investment plans that offer daily 8% to 15% profit return, and we added the investefficiency project to the premium list.

The site handles the transactions of investors who give withdrawal orders manually. The site promises a daily 8% profit payment for 15 days with a minimum investment of 10 USD.

When you click on the project names above, you will be directed to the review page of that project. Periodically published news bulletins may not give instant payment status of the site. For this reason, when you click on the project names above, you will be directed to the review page of the relevant project in order to see the instant payment status of the investment plans that interest you.

Last Scam Projects

In this section, we will talk about scam hyip projects that stopped paying recently. Some of the projects below can still appear online. Absolutely do not invest in these sites.

Bitactivity.biz, this hyip, which remained on our hyip block for 81 days, gave us a total return of 259%. But they don't pay anymore.

Tridex.io does not pay anymore, this hyip, with which we generated a total return of 150%. Stay away.

Cryptoportal.cc, this project that works actively for 37 days and makes payments instantly, does not pay anymore. During this period, we achieved a total return of 118% from this project.

Finance-agility.com is now a scam with this hyip that promises to pay between 10% and 20% Lifetime. We achieved a total return of 110% on this project, which paid for 11 days.

Techmonk.biz, this site offering lifetime profit per hour is no longer paying.

Postul-trade.com, this hyip site, which has been on our blog for 150 days, does not pay in any way. With the investment we made in this project, we had a total profit return of 191% during the period of payment.

Loantech.top, we made a total profit of 966% through the loantech hyip project on our site for 222 days. But this site no longer pays. Stay away.

Pyrax.cc was a hyip site with a lifetime hourly payment schedule. This project ran for 18 days and is no longer paying.


Bestbtcsites.com Team.

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