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📢Hyips That Exceed 100% Profit Return (27/10/2020)

Hello, dear followers. In order to have a better idea, we want to talk about hyip sites that exceed 100% profit in our today's newsletter. As bestbtcsites.com, we invested in each of these hyip projects that we will provide information.

The data we will provide you are statistics consisting of the results of withdrawals we obtain from the sites. Now let's talk about projects that we have switched to profit based on percentages. To follow the instant payment status of the projects below, you can click on the site link to access the relevant hyip site.

8bit.ltd, this project, which we added to the GOLD LIST section of our block by investing 250 USD 514 days ago as of today, continues to make its payments for a long time and instantly. As of today, the total profit return rate we have made on the 8bit online investment site is 714%. The site continues to work actively.

Bitstil.com, the bitstil hyip site with daily payment plans, is one of the projects that has been making regular payments for 173 days. Bitstil, which we added to the DIAMOND LIST section of our block with an investment of 200 USD 173 days ago, makes its payments manually.

Payment times usually do not exceed 6 hours. The total profit return rate we achieved with the Bitstil online investment program has reached 261%.

Tridex.io has reached 148% of our total profit return rate with the tridex hyip site, which we added to PREMIUM LIST by investing 75 USD 66 days ago. Tridex is an online investment platform that pays instantly and offers various bonuses to its investors.

Vixes.biz, this hyip site with a cloud mining simulation, has been on our hyip blog for 253 days. Vixes hyip site is another online investment program that we have switched to profit and now continues to take regular payments. Let us remind you that when you join this project, you will receive a 3 USD registration bonus. The total profit return rate we have achieved with this hyip has reached 145% as of today. This site, which makes the payments manually, completes the transactions of the investors who give withdrawal orders in a short time such as 1 - 2 hours.

Britishfxfunds.com, this project, which has many investment plans, is listed on the VIP LIST. BritishFxfunds, which we prepared an article by investing 200 USD 83 days ago, makes the payments instantly. As of today, the total rate of return on profit we have achieved through this project is 121%.

Hourlyking.com is an hourlyking hyip program with hourly payment plans, which I added to the GOLD LIST 116 days ago by investing 75 USD. The total profit return rate we have obtained through this project is 116%.

Dear followers, the statistics belonging to the investment plans we have mentioned above are the data of our hyip block until 27/10/2020. We will continue to publish news bulletins similar to this for the developments in the Hyip sector and for our followers to have better information.


Bestbtcsites.com Team ...

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