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📢Hyip sites with a lifetime payment plan (16/11/2020)

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

last news about hyip projects

Hello dear followers, today we decided to prepare a newsletter in which we will try to inform you about the latest statistics of online investment programs with lifetime payment plans. For more detailed information about investment sites in our Hyip review blog and to follow the payment status, follow the article of the hyip site you are interested in.

If you want to access the review page of any of the projects mentioned below, just click the link or screenshot of that site.


Projects with lifetime payment plans hyip site review continues to pay investors between 3% and 4% daily profit for a lifetime with the prowhale investment program 2 investment plan, which we added to our investment block 11 days ago. Prowhale has received a total investment of 65500 usd from its investors so far, with investment limits of a minimum of 10 USD for a daily profit return of 3% and a minimum investment of 5000 USD to provide a daily profit of 4%. During this time, they fulfilled their withdrawal instructions instantly. hyip site review, this investment site, which is a cloud mining simulator, has been on our blog for about 275 days. Manually paying vixes usually fulfill withdrawal instructions within 12 hours.

Depending on the amount of investment made, it is possible to earn between 1% and 3% per day for a lifetime. In addition, after the registration on the site, a 3 USD bonus is instantly added to your account.

The site regularly offers various bonuses to its investors. hyip site review, this project, which we added to the VIP LIST by investing 250 USD 10 days ago, made its payments instantly during this period. Richiebit hyip site, which offers an investment package of 7 plans, offers its investors a lifetime return of 10% - 25% depending on the investment amount.

For now, it is possible to earn 10% daily profit return with a minimum investment of 10 USD. The site instantly publishes the financial statistics of users making withdrawals and users making deposits on its home page. hyip site review

(UPDATE : Site not paying ) is another hyip site with lifetime payment plans. In addition to its high profit rate plans, it pays profit hourly. We invested 250 USD in this new hyip site, which we added to our blog 6 days ago and added it to the VIP LIST.

With a minimum investment limit of 20 USD, it is possible to purchase the first investment package that pays 0.42% every hour for its lifetime. Btchorizon offers a total of 5 investment options, each with lifetime and hourly profit return.Payments are made instantly. hyip site review

(UPDATE : Site not paying ), this new project, which entered the hyip sector 2 days ago, has 4 investment plans that make lifetime and hourly payments. The minimum investment limit is 20 USD and with this limit, it is possible to purchase the first investment plan package that pays 0.25% every hour. The Hetach hyip site, which fulfills the withdrawal instructions instantly, fulfilled all the withdrawal instructions we gave in two days.


Last Scam Projects

Finally, we would like to give brief information about the projects that scam. Please do not invest in any of the following sites. Some of the sites listed below can still be viewed online, but they do not pay in any way. For more information about SCAM hyips, please visit the SCAM LIST section of our website. was a disappointing online trading program. The site only paid for 6 days and is currently not paying. Stay away. paid for 10 days and are now pending withdrawal instructions. It is certain that they will no longer pay. does not pay, even though the site looks online right now. Stay away. has Lifetime payment plans, this project did not last even 15 days. The site is online but this hyip does not pay., This project has stopped payments. Stay away. was paying between 0.08% and 4% every hour, this project no longer pays after a 20-day payment period. Stay away from this project., this project, which has 365-day payment plans, could not hold on to the hyip industry and stopped the payments., This hyip site seems to be active now, but it does not pay anymore. Please do not invest., the site still appears to be online. But this hyip site does not pay in any way. had plans that promised to pay for Lifetime but no longer pay. Stay away from this hyip site. was a hyip site with profitable investment packages. But it doesn't pay anymore.



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