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SCAM - Review: 3.2% - 22% daily for 11 - 55 days. 210% - 6500% after 11 - 45 days

SCAM - Dear followers, We started to follow the hyip project as the hyip review blog and invested 200 usd. You can see the detailed review of this project and the details of the investment amount we have made below.

Last News From HENNBO

📌The Henbbo Foundation announces a global update to its online platform – Henbbo 2.0

✅The Henbbo investment fund continues its consistent execution of the previously outlined company development program. We are currently approaching the need for a global update and relaunch of our online platform.

This is primarily driven by the necessity to optimize the ecosystem of our HNBT token in line with the requirements of leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. Compliance with these requirements by launchpad platforms is mandatory for the further listing of their digital currencies on these exchanges.

Equally important is the need for a global update to introduce significantly improved services and tools for our clients. These innovations will provide all our investors with the opportunity to significantly increase their income.

Henbbo 2.0 online platform will have significantly greater potential for scaling and attracting new users. As of today, more than 925,000 people have become our clients, and their total investments have exceeded $620 million.

At Henbbo, we consider this an excellent result achieved thanks to the previous version of our online platform. And now, on the eve of the launch of its updated version 2.0, we are preparing to take a fundamentally new level and scale of work.

💎Henbbo 2.0 is a significant milestone on the path to popularizing the HNBT token and the company's online platform as a whole.

📆We would like to draw the attention of all our investors and partners to the fact that all planned work on the update, testing, and relaunch of our online platform will be completed within 24 hours. During this time, due to the aforementioned technical reasons, the Henbbo platform will be inaccessible. The exact time of the platform relaunch will be communicated separately.,review,comments,paying hyip,hyip reviews

Project Name : Henbbo


Our Investment : 200 USD

Category on Blog : VIP LIST

Start Time : 08/11/2023

Add Time : 08/11/2023