POOLBITCOIN Cloud Mining Bitcoin

pool.bitcoin.com Cloud Mining site has 4 different investment options.
The site has two lifetime investment plans, one 6 month investment plan and one 3 month investment plan.

Cloud Mining Bitcoin

Add Time : 27/07/2017       

Payments : Instant - Automatic 

Minimum Deposid :  0.055 BTC

Minimum Withdraw : 0.005 BTC 

Investment Plan :  

1 TH/s Minimum Purchase  139 USD  Per TH/s For Lifetime

2 TH/s Minimum Purchase  149 USD Per TH/s For Lifetime

3 TH/s Minimum Purchase  85 USD Per TH/s For 6 Month

4 TH/s Minimum Purchase  60 USD Per TH/s For 3 Month

Affiliate Program : 2%​ - 1%Referral comission

Accept:  Bitcoin


The first lifetime investment plan is 139 USD per th/s and the minimum investment is 1 th/s.
The second lifetime investment plan is 149 USD per th/s and the minimum investment is 2 th/s.
The 6 month investment plan is 85 usd per th/s and the minimum investment plan is 3 th/s.
The 3 month investment plan is 60 USD per th/s and the minimum investment amount is 4 th/s.
Payments are made instantly or automatically. There is a 0.001 btc transaction fee for site payments.
Sometimes stocks of desired packages are finished on the site. If you want to buy from out-of-stock packages, you need to enter the queue.

 You will be notified by e-mail when new stock is opened regarding the package you requested.
You can see site documents, contact information and pictures on the home page.
If you wish to use the referral program you will receive a referral commission of 2% and 1% for each active member.

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