Opkofinancetrade.com New Hourly Paying Site

Opkofinancetrade hyip project promises hourly, daily and end of term  profitable return to investors. It is possible to join in this project with 5 investment options with a minimum investment of 25 USD. 


According to the legend, OPKO FINANCE TRADE is a Hong Kong Based Asset Management Company which Provides healthy returns on Investments with Automated Trading Software. We also Provide accounting, HR and tax assistance (company set up, bookkeeping, and other various asset management services and BPO Services on an annual basis or temporarily, with services in line with your scale of business for you to focus on your core From our main offices in Cebu, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Paris, we bring our clients international expertise, which helps them to support their development in Asia and wherever their business may take them.We provide profitable returns on investment of our members by using never seen before Algorithmic trading bots and also we consult with top forex traders to correctly predict the markets and make sure the investment of our clients is safe and profitable.

Opko Finans Trade offers 2 daily profit plan, 2 hourly profit and 1 after plan with 5 investment opportunities in total. Let us examine the total profit returns of these investment plans:

ROI %150 : The total return on this investment package is 150%. This option, which has a minimum investment limit of 25 usd, has a 5% profit profit per day for 42 days. With this plan, you can order withdrawals on a daily basis.

ROI %175 : With a daily profit of  7%, this plan has a 25-day investment period. The user who purchased this package may issue a withdrawal order on a daily basis. Minimum investment limit is 300 usd.

ROI %153 : This investment package has a 32-day investment period and pays per hour. With a minimum investment limit of 200 usd, this option pays 0.20% per hour.

ROI %180 : This investment package has a 30-day investment period and pays on an hourly basis. With a minimum investment limit of 500 usd, this option pays 0.25% per hour.

ROI %125 : This investment package is the latest plan of the site. The minimum investment limit for joining this option with a 5-day investment period is 50 usd. The investor involved in this plan should make sure that the time specified for the withdrawal process has expired.

You can use bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, perfect money and payeer payment methods to join the opkofinancetrade site. The site performs the transactions of the investors who give the withdrawal order instantaneously. Users who deposit money to the site and give instructions for withdrawal are not charged hidden fee.

The investment plans of Opkofinancetrade.com can be considered as a mid-risk investment plan. We have invested 100 usd in this project as bestbtcsites.com and we have added opkofinancetrade.com hyip project to our hyip monitor. This site is scam or paying? Remember to visit the page frequently for the answer to this question.

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Add Time : 27/05/2019

Our Investment : 100 USD

Minimum Deposit : 25 USD

Min. Withdrawal : 0.01 USD

Payouts : Instant

Referral : %10 - %2 - %2 - %1



 5% Daily For 42 Days - 7% Daily For 25 Days

0.20% Hourly For 32 Days

0.25% Hourly For 30 Days

125% After 5 Days


Opkofinancetrade.com SCAM DO NOT INVEST THIS SITE

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