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With Marcuscapital you can earn stable daily passive profit. Site has many investment chosses for deposit. Check payment proofs on our hyip monitor.

Add Time : 16/01/2019

Our Investment : 

Payments : Manuel

Minimum Deposid :  25 USD

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.10 USD / BTC-LTC-ETH 3 USD

Investment Plan : %3.10 - %3.20 - %3.30 Daily / %250 - %260 - %270 After 75 Days

Affiliate Program :  %3

Accept:  Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Perfect Money,Payeer


Dear friends, today we will introduce the new investment project Marcuscapital. This investment program is registered under British law with the company number 11732147. The minimum investment limit required to participate in this investment project, which has 9 investment options with 3 investment categories, is 25 USD. The new owners of this project, which has recently entered the HYIP sector and the online investment market, state that their financial activities are professional management of financial assets in the US and Europe. Claiming they offer reliable investment plans, company officials say they are online 24/7 and can reach them any time of the day. You can use perfect money, payeer, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin payment methods to start making profit for joining the site. The minimum limit required for withdrawal is 0.10 for usd, 3 usd for btc, ltc and eth. Marcus capital does not charge any hidden fees to users who deposit and withdraw money.

MARCUSCAPITAL INVESTMENT PLANS has just entered HYIP sector and offers investors a total of 9 different investment options in 3 categories. Let us briefly inform you about these investment plans:


This category has 3 investment options. According to the amount of investment made 3.10% - 3.20% and 3.30% of profit per day is possible.

PLAN 1: The minimum investment limit is 25 USD and it makes 3.10% profit payment for 45 days each day.
PLAN 2: The minimum investment limit is 501 USD and it pays a profit of 3.20% per day for 45 days.
PLAN 3: The minimum investment limit is 1001 USD and it makes a profit payment of 3.30% per day for the specified period.


This category, where you can profit from 2.60% - 2.70% and 2.80% for 60 days, has 3 investment options.

PLAN 1: Minimum investment is 25 USD and daily profit is paid at 2.60%.
PLAN 2: The minimum investment limit is 501 usd and pays a profit of 2.70% per day for the specified period.
PLAN 3: The minimum investment limit is 1001 USD and it pays 2.70% a day.


The investment options in this category pay after the expiration of the 75-day investment period. According to the amount of investment made, it is possible to make a profit of 250% - 260% and 270%.

PLAN 1: This option accepts minimum 25 USD investment and it is possible to make a profit of 250% after 75 days.
PLAN 2: You can make a profit of 260% at the end of 75 days with a minimum investment of 501 USD.
PLAN 3: It is possible to make a profit of 270% at the end of the specified period with minimum 1001 USD investment.


Once you have registered to the site, you can access your account's overview with the DASHBOARD tab by logging in to your account. Users who want to invest must use the MAKE DEPOSIT tab for this operation.
To start investing on this page, the first thing to do is to choose one of the investment plans that are right for you. You can then enter the amount you want to invest in the AMOUNT TO SPEND tab and select your payment channel. Finally, you can end the process by pressing the SPEND button. Your money will be credited to your account after the necessary approvals are received through the system. You can use the WITHDRAW page to issue a withdrawal order. You can issue a withdrawal instruction when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.
Marcuscapital HYIP project offers an extra gain opportunity for non-traders. After registering with the site, you can invite people to this project using the referral link in your account, and you can earn a 3% referral bonus from your partner's investment. Referral bonuses are instantly transferred to your account. Use the tabs on the menu to track your earnings history and investment history.


This project can be counted in the mid-risk investment plans in terms of investment plans. The site publishes the users' withdrawal instructions instantly on the homepage. Approximately 2 days ago, this project, which enters the Hyip market, provides instant withdrawal instructions in this period. We have added this project to our hyip monitor as This article is prepared for users interested in hyip projects. This article is not an investment advice. Investing depends on one's own initiative.

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