Liteminer Lifetime Investing plans

SCAM DO NOT INVEST THIS PROJECT is a new investing project on our hyip monitor. You can start to earn with minimum 0.001 BTC deposit. Accepting cryptocurrency for join to program 


According to the claims of the Liteminer authorities, the company's financial activity is cryptocurrency mining. They say that they evaluate the income they earn from their customers in this sector.
The company is registered under British law with license number 11095283. Of the 12 investment plans that are offered, 8 pay daily profits, while the other 4 plans pay at the end of the specified period.
The minimum investment limit required to start making profits through the site is 0.001 bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0005 bitcoin. There are no hidden fees for the investment and withdrawals made by customers. The transactions of the investors giving the withdrawal instructions are instantaneous.

The plans of the investment project, which make daily profit payments, are total 8. According to the investment amount, it is possible to make a profit between 5% and 12% per day.
To give a few examples, the daily profit rate to be obtained with a minimum 0.001 bitcoin investment will be 5%. If your investment amount is above 0.025 bitcoin, the daily profit rate will be 7%.
You can make a profit of 12% per day with these investment options according to the amount of investment you will make. 

The other 4 investment plans of the site pay in bulk at the end of the specified period. These investment packages have investment days of 7 - 14 - 21 and 28 days.
The minimum investment limit for each of the 4 investment plans indicated is 0.001 btc. With an investment of 0.001 btc, you will have 120% profit at the end of 7 days, 150% at the end of 14 days, 200% at the end of 21 days and 300% at the end of 28 days. is a hyip project and is one of the popular investment sites in the HYIP market. You can follow up the transactions of the users who invest on the main page of the site and give withdrawal instructions.
In the Cryptocurrency mining industry, such large profits are not possible on a daily basis. Therefore, it would not be right to say that this project is truly a mining company.
We have prepared this article for those interested in investment programs added to our hyip monitor. If you would like more information, you can visit the site's ABOUT US page.

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