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The new investment site on our Hyip monitor is Goldenrush. Goldenrush offers investors the opportunity to have a lifetime profit. 



According to the legend,  Golden Rush is one of the leading independent miners of gold ore. Extraction of raw materials is carried out in the USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Brazil and in China. The company is a legislator in this niche, using new efficient and environmentally friendly gold mining technology. Gold has always been the most liquid and risk-free world currency. All world liquidity is calculated exclusively in the gold reserves of a country!

Golden Rush offers investors a profitable opportunity to receive a high interest rate from their investments of 4.6% per day. Our company provides the most profitable investment plan, which minimizes the risk of investment and provides the maximum profit for the investor. investment plan

 Company plan: The Goldenrush online investment program has a single investment plan. This investment plan is  lifetime. With a minimum investment of 10 usd, you can have a 4.6% profit return per day. There is no limit for withdrawal. By participating in the referral bonus program of the site, you can have a 3% referral bonus return on your partner's investment.

The investment site has a medium risk investment plan. After registering with the site, you can purchase a new investment package by logging in to your account. We have invested 100 usd in this project as and we added the Goldenrush investment site to our hyip monitor. For more detailed information about the site, please visit the site's ABOUT US page. We encourage you to visit this page often for payment status and updates of the site.

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