Doubly | Review %200 Profit Automatic Payout new investment project on hyip blog. Make %200 profit and automatic payouts. Start to earn minimum 0.001 bitcoin. is a company that pays up to 4.50% daily profit to investors with 15 investment plans. They use BOT to solve complex algorithms and open positions automatically to find the best investment opportunities in the crypto money market. The minimum investment limit for joining the project is 0.001 btc. This project sends your profits directly to your wallet. You must use your bitcoin.litecoin, dash, ethereum and bitcoin cash wallet to access the site.You can reach your personal page by using the link on the MY PERSONAL LINK tab in the right corner. The site gives a 5% bonus to every user who will invest for the first time.

Doubly, the investment program has three different investment plans: STANDARD, EXCLUSIVE and VIP. Let's know about these investment plans:

 STANDARD: This investment plan has a 72-day investment period. With a minimum of 0.001 btc, this plan is 2.72% per day. Every 6 hours, your profit is automatically sent to your wallet. At the end of 72 days, your total profit will be 200%.

EXCLUSIVE: Exclusive investment plan has a 54-day investment period and pays a profit of 3.67% per day. Every 12 hours your profit is sent directly to your wallet. With this plan where you can participate with a minimum of 0.025 btc, the total profit rate you will get at the end of 54 days is 200%.

VIP: The investment period of this option is 44 days and the total profit will be 200% after the specified period. With a minimum of 0.5 btc, this option automatically sends your profit to your wallet every 24 hours. With this plan, you can profit 4.50% per day for 44 days.

 The investment plans described above automatically transfer your profits to your wallet. Please note, however, that you must reach the minimum withdrawal limits for this to occur.
The above examples are for those who want to invest in bitcoin. Apart from that, you can profit with the same profit rates by creating an account with litecoin, ethereum, dash and bitcoin cash.

To join Doubly, all you have to do is to enter your crypto wallet in the YOUR CURRENCY ADDRESS field where you want to join the system. You can then start making profits by transferring funds to the specified payment address. You don't need to do anything for withdrawals. The system will automatically transfer your money to the relevant wallet. In Doubly, all transactions are automatic. Once you have made your investment, you will not need to take any further action. You can follow the investment transactions on Dobly's homepage instantly.

Doubly is a project that has recently entered the investment sector and can become popular soon. This project, which has medium risk investment plans for investment plans, has a nice interface for those who want to follow their money instantly. We have invested 100 usd in this project team and we added Doubly to our hyip blog. You can follow up the updates about this site and payment status on this page.

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