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Do you want to be a part of the Crypto currency? Crypto money technology is confronted with new investment opportunities every day. This is a investment site from sites offering investment opportunities.

Add Time :  30/03/2018 

Our Investment : 350 USD

Payments : Manuel

Minimum Deposid :  10 USD

Minimum Withdraw :  10 USD                         

Investment Plan :  Up To %1.49 Daily Untill %150

Affiliate Program :   8%



Do you want to be a part of the Crypto currency? Crypto money technology is confronted with new investment opportunities every day. This is a investment site from sites offering investment opportunities.
CRYPTOLUX offers different ways of earning investment company users. The site can earn profits by trading with ico token, which is named CLX, by crypto money trading, you can return up to 45% every month and you can fold your money in the gambling section of the site. The site accepts btc, ltc, eth, dash, bch, xrp, xmr, and lsk crypto currencies for investment. With a minimum investment of 10 USD you can join the system and start earning money online. During the deposit process, the site will not charge you any hidden charges. Let's look at the details of the investment.

To be included in CRYPTOLUX you must first register. Registration is simple. After completing registration, you can make your account more secure by activating the Google Authenticator security setting in the Settings section.
When you log in to the control panel, you can select the area you want to invest in from the menu on the left. The ICO tab on the menu is the CLX token purchase and sale area created by the site. You can buy a CLX token in this section. The wallet tab on the menu is where you can deposit and withdraw money. You can invest in this area using the currency crypto you want. You can also withdraw using the withdrawal page under the same tab.
The site does not charge any hidden charges for withdrawals. Payments are made manually. Payments are usually instant, but in some cases this can take up to 72 hours.


Another investment plan of CRYPTOLUX investment site is investment area of crypto invest. Investors made the site will receive payment on site until you reach a profit rate of 150%. When the return you make to your investment reaches 150%, will  stop paying the site and you must make a new investment to continue winning. The site offers 8 different investment packages. The higher the amount of invest done, the shorter the ROI is. These investment plans are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. For example, you invested in a Bronze investment plan. For this plan, the daily profit payment will be 1.16% and the ROI will be 86 days. So after 86 days you will have earned a total of 150%. Let's say you invested 0.1 btc in Silver investment plan. This plan will give you 1.25% of your daily profit and your ROI will decrease to 80 days. The ROI of the Gold investment plan is 76 days and a daily profit of 1.31%. Platinum plan gives its users 1.35% per day on investment plan, and the ROI of this plan is 74 days. With Sapphire investment plan you can get your money back in 72 days. This plan distributes 1.39%profit to its investors. Users who invest in the Emerald package can get their money back in 70 days. This plan distributes 1.42% profit per day to its investors. With the Ruby investment plan, users earn 1.45% per day, and the ROI for this plan is 69 days. Diamond, the final investment plan, will distribute 1.49% per day to investing users, and the ROI for this plan is 67 days. Investments made for these plans come to an end when they reach a profit ratio of 150%. New investments are necessary to continue earning.

CRYPOTOLUX is one of the investment sites eligible to make money online. You can find more information about the site at "WHITEPAPER" page. Enhanced investment plans are structured at appropriate rates. The CLX token, which is the local currency of the site, is one of the possibilities that can be appreciated.
Online is a good site for those who want to make money by investing. It would be useful to be cautious about investments. As a result, online money methods are always at risk.
We recommend that you choose investment packages that will not strain your financial standing when making your investments.


CRYPTOLUX users can use their phone to track their situation. You can find site application applications in '' APPSTORE '' and '' GOOGLEPLAY '' applications. You have the opportunity to earn extra money through the site. You can earn up to 8% of  bonus using your exclusive reference link. For more detailed information, see the site '' WHITEPAPER '' page.

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06/11/2018 NEWS

Paying up to 45% profit per month, cryptolux has been active for 230 days and makes payments instantly. This investment project is quite popular with over 250,000 investors. Cryptolux, which sells over 280.000 investment packages, continues to work regularly with the sponsorship of giant trade companies such as Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex. You can follow the financial transactions instantly on the PAYOUTS tab on the homepage.​

 15/12/2018 NEWS

Cryptolux, which entered the online investment market about 250 days ago, has quickly gained a solid position in this field and continues to make payments instantly.
Today, we gave
10.82 usd (0.00339 bitcoin) withdrawals from this project and our transaction was completed instantaneously. With profit rates of up to 46% per month, Cryptolux is one of the most popular investment area by investors. You can get an idea about the popularity of the site by looking at the statistics on the homepage of the site. You can see the details of the withdrawal order today.
Blockchain TX: 0aa97247b9033462e357fdb9523da0a41171937d53406c4f69e58b5cbd05b274

04/01/2019 NEWS

Cryptolux not paying anymore. DO NOT INVEST THIS PROJECT

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