Cryptime | %0.42 %0.54 Hourly For Lifetime -SCAM new hourly profit site on our hyip blog. All investment for lifetime and earn up to %0.54 hourly.

Add Time : 20/12/2018

Our Investment : 76 USD (0.02 BTC)

Payments : Instant

Minimum Deposid :  0.002 BTC

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.0005 BTC

Investment Plan :  0.42% Hourly For Lifetime - 0.49% Hourly For Lifetime - 0.54% Hourly For Lifetime

Affiliate Program :  %7 - %3 - %1 

Accept:  Bitcoin


Dear friends, our new article will be based on the introduction of the project, which is the new entry into the online investment market. Site officials state that their financial activity areas are bitcoin mining and crtypto trade. Company number 11657688 is registered under British law. The site has 3 investment packages and each of these investment packages pays hourly profits. According to the amount of investment made up to 0.54% profit per hour from the site is possible.  You can only use the bitcoin payment method to join the project. The minimum investment limit is 0.002 btc and you do not pay any hidden fees for your financial transactions. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0005 btc and withdrawal instructions are instantaneous.By clicking the PAYOUT tab on the homepage of the site, you can follow the withdrawal instructions issued by investors instantly. It is possible to calculate the profit yield by using the calculator on the main page before investing.

OUR DEPOSIT : 20/12/2018 76 USD (0.02 BTC)



As mentioned before, the Cryptime project has 3 different investment options and all investment plans pay hourly profits. You can make an hourly profit of 0.42% - 0.54% from the project according to the amount of investment made. Let us briefly discuss these investment plans:

 PLAN 1: The first investment plan that you can participate with a minimum of 0.002 btc pays a profit of 0.42% per hour and the investment period is for lifetime. You can invest a maximum  0.5 btc to earn per hour for 0.42% profit.
PLAN 2: This plan pays a profit of 0.49% per hour to investors. The minimum investment limit is 0.51 btc. You can make maximum 1 btc investment for this plan.
PLAN 3: The third and final investment plan pays the users 0.54% per hour. The payment period of the plan is for life. There is no maximum investment limit for this plan with a minimum investment limit of 1.001 btc.


The Cryptime hyip project has a nice and useful interface. Once you have registered to the site, you can access your account details from the DASHBOARD tab by logging in to your account. Using the menu on the left you can make investments, give withdrawals, track your financial transactions, and track users who are registered to the site with your reference link. If you want to invest in the project, the first thing you need to do is to access the investment page by clicking the DEPOSIT tab from the left menu. The first thing you need to do on this page is to enter the amount you want to invest in the ENTER DEPOSIT AMOUNT field.Then select the package you want to buy from the CHOOSE YOUR INVESTMENT PLAN area. Finally, you can complete your transaction by pressing the PROCEED button. Once the necessary approvals have been received through the system, the package you purchased will be active. You must go to the WITHDRAWAL page from the menu to make withdrawals. Note that you must reach a minimum withdrawal threshold of 0.0005 btc to issue a withdrawal order. The site offers an opportunity to earn extra money with the referral bonus program. You can invite peoples to this project using your referral link in your account, and you can earn 7% - 3% and 1% referral bonus on your partner's investment.You do not have to have any active investment to take advantage of the referral bonus program. Referral bonuses are instantly transferred to your account. When you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can issue a withdrawal instruction for your referral earnings.


The Cryptime hyip project can be listed in the mid-risk investment plans category. This new project in the Hyip sector has attracted the attention of investors in a short time. We, as the team, invested $ 76 (0.02 BTC) in this project and added the Cryptime site to our hyip blog. You can follow up the updates about the site and payment status from this page. This article is not an investment advice. The reason why our team prepared this article is to inform those interested in hyip investment projects. If you would like to have more information, you can visit the site's ABOUT US page.

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15/01/2019 NEWS 

Bad news from Cryptime. Our 0.00210 BTC withdrawal is pending. We think site wont pay any more. DO NOT INVEST THIS PROJECT.

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