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Constructpay is a new online investment program. Start to earn money with minimum 15 usd deposit. Profitable investment plans and instant withdrawal. Daily and hourly profits.



Dear friends, The new investment project that we will introduce today is Constructpay. The financial activity area of the Constructpay online investment program is stated by the site authorities as the asset management and consultancy work in the real estate asset.
The London-based company promises hourly and daily profit returns with many investment plans. The minimum investment limit for joining the site is 15 USD.
If you want to invest in this program, you can use perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, ethereum and litecoin payment methods. Investors can issue withdrawals when their account balances reach 0.5 usd. The withdrawal instructions are carried out instantaneously and no hidden fees are deducted.
You can follow the financial transactions made by customers instantly from the home page of the site. Users who wish to invest can calculate their possible profit returns using the site calculator prior to this transaction.
Offering 7 different investment opportunities, pays its investors on two different categories on a daily and hourly basis. Four of the 7 investment plans presented have daily profit returns. The other 3 investment options pay per hour basis.
Let's give some information about the investment plans that the project offers.


The first investment plan with a daily profit return has a 35-day investment period and has a 4% profit pay per day. The minimum investment limit for this option is 15 usd. The total profit of the plan at the end of the specified period is 140%.
The second investment option has a minimum investment limit of 50 usd and the investment period of this option is 31 days. The user who invests in this plan will have a daily profit of
5% for 31 days. Total profit rate at the end of the specified period is 155%.

The third investment plan has a 24-day investment period and the minimum investment limit is 300 USD. This option pays to investors  7% per day for 24 days. The total amount of profit to be obtained at the end of the period will be 168%.
The minimum investment limit for the last daily investment plan is 500 USD. This option has an investment period of 19 days and the total profit rate to be obtained during this period will be
171%. This section pays to investors %9 daily for 19 days.

The first investment plan with hourly profit yield promises to pay 0.21% profit to investors every hour for 36 days. The daily profit of this plan is 5.04%. Total profit rate at the end of the 36-day period is 186%. The minimum investment limit required to join this option is 400 usd.
The second investment plan has a profit rate of 0
.28% per hour for 30 days. The daily profit yield of the plan is 6.72% and the total profit yield is 211% at the end of the 30 day period. The minimum investment limit for this option is 800 usd.
The minimum investment limit for the final investment plan of the project is 1,000 USD. This plan has a 27-day investment period and pay
0.34% per hour during this time. The daily profit return rate of this option is 8.16% and the total profit rate at the end of the 27-day period is 240%.

investment plans of the

The site is very simple to use. Once you have registered on the site, you can log in to your account to review the details. You can see all your financial activities through the menu in your account.
Users who wish to invest can click on the DEPOSIT tab in the menu to access the investment plan page. The first thing you need to do to deposit is to choose the investment plan that suits you.
Then you can complete the transaction after determining the payment method by entering the amount you want to invest in the relevant field. After receiving the necessary approvals via the system, the deposit is transferred to your account and the package begins to work instantly.
You can switch to the area of the WITHDRAW tab in the menu to issue a withdrawal order. You can only use the payment method you have invested in for withdrawals. For example, if you have invested with bitcoin payment method, you can make withdrawals with bitcoin.
With the
Constructpay online investment program, you can earn extra money except for the amount of investment. By inviting people to this project with a referral link in your account, you can earn up to 16% bonus from your partner's investment.
Referral bonuses are added to the account instantly and you can issue withdrawals for referral bonuses when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.


Finally; The investment plans of this project, which entered the online investment market three days ago, can be listed in the mid-risk investment plans category. We have invested 100 usd in this project as and we have added investment program to our hyip monitor.
We encourage you to visit this page frequently to keep track of updates to the site and payment status. This project, which is very popular in other investment forums and hyip monitors, has fulfilled the withdrawal instructions.
For more detailed information about the project, please visit the site's ABOUT US page. This article is not an investment advice. The reason for preparing this article is to inform those who are interested in hyip investment programs.
Investing in an online investment program is at your chosses. We hope that this project will continue to pay for a long time and will be a good opportunity for its investors.

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