Coinvestment % 0.15 Hourly Profit Forever


Coinvestment is an online investment program that makes new and hourly profit payments. By participating in the profitable investment option it offers, you can start making a profit of 0.15% per hour forever.


Dear friends, today we are introducing a new hyip investment program, Coinvestment. With 11790575 license number, registered with the UK law of the Coinvestment investment company officials, the financial fields of cryptocurrency trade that states.
The Company evaluates the deposits of investors in the trading sector and shares their profits with investors. The site offers a single investment plan and you can have a minimum profit of
0.15% per hour by participating in this plan with a minimum investment of 10 USD.
Coinvestment repay the money of the users who gave up the investment within 24 hours with 5% deduction.

If you would like to participate in this investment plan, you can use bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, dogecoin perfect money and payeer payment methods to invest.
The Company does not charge any hidden fees for the users of the investor and those issuing a withdrawal order. Minimum withdrawal limit is 1 usd and payments are made instantly.
There is an exception in withdrawals. Cash withdrawals up to 100 usd are performed instantly. If your withdrawal instruction is above 100 usd, this period can be extended to 24 hours.

OUR DEPOSIT 0.0150 BTC (51 USD) DATE : 08/02/2019

 The company defines itself as:

Founded in 2019, Coinvestment Limited (enterprise number: 11790565) has been quickly established as a trustworthy crypto currency investing company and provides a comprehensive set of services for crypto owners to make sound investments and protect their financial future. Coinvestment Limited, based in London, has invested a team of leading professionals in a wide range of specializations, including engineering, advanced computing technology and cryptographic currency trading.
To provide a unique advantage to our customers, we have developed state-of-the-art processes developed with our extensive infrastructure. By combining both modern and classic applications, we have strategically maneuvered our customers to offer effective encryption services. Investment is safer than ever and risk is almost non-existent.

The company summarizes itself in this way.

As a result, the hyip project has a reasonable return on profit. The site publishes instantly the transactions of investors who have issued a withdrawal order on their homepage.
It is a plus for the site to make payments instantly. We, as the team, invested 0.0150 BTC (50 USD) in this project and added the Coinvestment investment program to our hyip monitor.
On our Hyip monitor, we will share evidence of payments made by the Coinvestment site. We therefore recommend that you visit this page frequently to keep track of updates and payment status for the site. Please note that we are on our own initiative to invest in the hyip project.

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