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Bitoptions is a new online investment site on our hyip monitor. Bitoptions hyip project offers profitable investment plan to it's investors. 



Dear friends, today we will talk about a new hyip project. Bitoptions with profitable investment plans they becomed popular in hyip sector. Site is working nearly 9 days and at this time they made all withdrawals instant to the them costumers. For join this new hyip you can use perfect money, payeer and popular crypto currencies payment channels. It's possible to join project with minimum 10 usd deposit. Bitoptions paying profits instant to it's costumers. You are not paying any hidden fees for withdrawal or for deposit. investment plans

Dear friends, now lets talk about Bitoptions's investment plans. Site offers 6 profitable deposit plan to it's investors. With this plans possible to earn up to %350 total profit income. 

%102.5 After 5 Days : This is first deposit plan of the project. You can join to this section with minimum 10 usd deposit. This plans has 1 day investment period and you can get %102.5 total profit end of term. 

%125 After 3 Days : This deposit plan has 3 days investment period. With minimum 10 usd deposit, you can have %125 total profit end of term.  

%150 After 5 Days : Third investment plan pays %150 total profit after 5 days to it's investors. With 10 usd deposit you can get %150 profit income end of term. 

%185 After 10 Days : If you want to have %185 profit income after 10 days you can join this deposit section. 

%225 After 15 Days : This plan has 15 days investment period. For to get %185  total profit after 15 days, you can join to yhis plan with minimum 10 usd deposit.

%350 After 30 Days : This is last investment plan of the With low investment limits you can get %350 total profit income end of term. 

Like you see above bitoptions hyip project has profitable deposit plans. With short time period investment plans you can get nice profits. Useing to site very easy, after register you can check your account details on the site. Useing to the menu you can make easly deposits and withdrawals. 

Finally, we made 125 usd deposit to this project as and we have added bitoptions investment project to our hyip monitor. For updates and for paying status information, you can check this page all time. 

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