Hourly Profit For 100 Days

Bitfortuneglobal  is a new online investment platform on our hyip monitor. Start to earn %0.35 hourly for 100 days with minimum 0.002 btc deposit.



Dear friends, Bitfortuneglobal is the name of the new investment project we will introduce today. Bitfortuneglobal is an investment company registered in USA law with campaign number B093073.
The company make investments it's  customers money  are investing in cryptocurrency mining and crypto-money trading. Thanks to investments in this field, they offer their users high hourly profits.
With three different investment plans, the company promises to pay up to 0.45 percent per hour for 100 days. The minimum investment limit for joining the site is 0.002 BTC.
You can only use bitcoin to invest in the site. The site performs instant withdrawals instructions. Users who make investments and users of withdrawals do not pay any hidden fees for these transactions.
Payments can be tracked on the PAYMENT PROOFS tab on the home page of the site.

investment plans

Let's take a closer look at the investment plans of this project. As mentioned above, Bitfortuneglobal has 3 different investment plans. According to the amount of investment made, it is possible to have a profit yield of between 0.35% and 0.45% per hour.

The initial investment plan of the project has a 100-day investment period and makes a profit of 0.35% per hour. The minimum deposit limit for this plan is 0.002 BTC. Your main money is included in the rate of profit you receive. This option accepts up to 0.5 BTC investment.

With the second investment plan it is possible to have a profit rate of 0.4% per hour for 100 days. The minimum investment limit required for this option is 0.502 BTC. Up to 1 BTC can be invested for this plan.

The final investment plan pays a profit of 0.45% per hour to the investor and the investment period is 100 days. There is no maximum investment limit for this option that you can join with minimum 1.02 BTC.

Before you can participate in any of the above investment plans, you can calculate the possible return on your investment using the calculator on the home page.

Participation in Bitfortuneglobal is simple. Once you have registered to the site, you can access your account details by logging in to your account. After logging in to your account, you can make investments using the menu at the top, issue a withdrawal order, review your financial history, and edit your account.
Users who wish to invest can access their investment plans using the DEPOSIT tab. Under the WITHDRAWAL tab you can order withdrawals and review your withdrawal history.
The project offers users the opportunity to earn extra money. You can invite people to this project using your referral link in your account, you can earn  8% - 2% and 1% bonusess from your partner's investment.
Earned bonuses are transferred to your account instantly. Once you have reached the withdrawal threshold of 0.0005 BTC, you can issue a withdrawal order for the bonuses you have earned.

As a result, the investment program is a new project that entered the investment market 4 days ago. During this time, the site paid regularly. When you look at other hyip monitors and online investment forums, you can see positive reviews about the site.
Investment plans of the site can be included in the mid-risk investment plans category. It is recommended that friends who want to invest should not force their financial power. Because we cannot predict how long an online investment program will pay.
Keep in mind that an investment program can generate very high profits, but can also cause high losses. We hope that this investment program will pay a long time and provide high profits to investors.

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